Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post of 2007

Its appropriate to have the last post of 2007 feature the abysmal waste of protoplasm we have embarassing us in the world community...but for only 385 more days.


Our Theme Song for the 2008 Election

Happy 2008

In six short hours we'll enter 2008. At the stroke of midnight there will be 308 days to go until we can elect an adult to live in the White House for the next four years.

More importantly at the stroke of midnight there will be just 385 days to go until that same adult can start the difficult process of restoring the good name of the United States in the world's view.

Our dark national nightmare is almost over.

Huckleberry Attacks Negative Campaign Ads - With Negative Campaign Ad

What a doofus this bastard is. At least the god squad likes him.

Woman Who Attempted Gerry Ford Assassination Released from Prison

SAN FRANCISCO - Sara Jane Moore, who took a shot at President Ford in a bizarre 1975 assassination attempt, was paroled from prison Monday.

Moore, 77, had served 32 years of a life sentence when she was released from the federal prison in Dublin, east of San Francisco, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said.
Ah, Sara, in case you didn't get the news while in the slammer, there's an even bigger mistake living in the White House now. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Tell-All Book Reveals Pro Wrestling Fans are Fake

Controversial Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans Are Fake

Hi Ho Silver

Mysterious Congressman Announces Dark Horse Candidacy

The Onion

Mysterious Congressman Announces Dark Horse Candidacy

WASHINGTON, DC— Earning a distinctive reputation for promoting fiscal responsibility and civil rights, he is currently the only senator who casts votes via flaming arrow.

If Only

Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy

The Onion

Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy

DES MOINES, IA-"For the first time, she's really speaking to the whole nation," said pundit Chris Matthews about Hillary Clinton's latest bid to appease constituents.

FEMA's Katrina-Recovery Guy Retires

The Federal Emergency Management Agency official who for the past two years led the agency's troubled Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts will retire Thursday, the head of FEMA announced recently in an internal memo.

Gil Jamieson, whose tenure as administrator of Gulf Coast recovery included controversies over funding delays and formaldehyde in FEMA trailers, will be temporarily replaced by James Stark. The interim administrator leads FEMA's Louisiana recovery offices.
Watch now as Gil takes his SES retirement annunity and opens a disaster recovery consulting firm.

Heckuva job, Gil.

Looking at America - New York Times Slaps the Snot Out of Bush and His Loyalists

There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country. Sunday was one of them, as we read the account in The Times of how men in some of the most trusted posts in the nation plotted to cover up the torture of prisoners by Central Intelligence Agency interrogators by destroying videotapes of their sickening behavior. It was impossible to see the founding principles of the greatest democracy in the contempt these men and their bosses showed for the Constitution, the rule of law and human decency.
Rarely if ever any more does a newspaper come out and slap Bush senseless like the Times did here. But they just hired William Kristol so maybe they're being "balanced?"

12 More Killed in Iraq Violence

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber drove a truck rigged with explosives into a checkpoint manned by members of a U.S.-backed security volunteer group in a town north of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 12 people, police and a member of the volunteer group said.
I'm not sure about you but I'm certainly glad that Bush, Cheney, General Betrayus and the rest of the culture of death in the Bush Administration have each said that the level of violence in Iraqnam is down.

I'm sure also that these 12 freshly killed people are likewise feeling secure knowing that the level of violence has declined as well.

Wake up, sheeple.

Impeach Bush and Cheney Now

The drumbeat continues to grow louder.

Seriously PO'ed Grannies Protest George's War Again

George Bush - Bill Maher's "Dipshit in Chief"

Rarely has anyone anywhere been as eloquent as Bill Maher in summarizing the worthlessness of George Bush in a single paragraph like this one:

Come on, no list of assholes and fuck-ups could be complete without the Dipshit in Chief. Who will tell this president what everyone but him already knows? The theory of evolution. And the times tables. And where the sun goes at night. And that Iraq is going to be three different countries. And that everyone hates us and we've run our military into the ground and the Taliban is back and we still haven't caught bin Laden and the economy is tanking and we wasted eight years blowing the oil companies while the Earth is melting. We had a pretty nice house when this Cat in the Hat of presidents came in and made the mess of all time. And who's going to clean it all up — Rudy Giuliani?
It simply does not get any better than this.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Harvard University Professor Remembers the Chimp

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A business school professor who taught George W. Bush at Harvard University in the early 1970s says the future president told him that family friends had pulled strings to get him into the Texas Air National Guard.

Yoshi Tsurumi, in his first on-camera interview on the subject, told CNN that Bush confided in him during an after-class hallway conversation during the 1973-74 school year.

"He admitted to me that to avoid the Vietnam draft, he had his dad -- he said 'Dad's friends' -- skip him through the long waiting list to get him into the Texas National Guard," Tsurumi said. "He thought that was a smart thing to do."
And here are few other choice observations that Dr. Tsurumi had about our Failure-in-Chief - back when he was a Failure-in-Training:

"Lazy. He didn't come to my class prepared," Tsurumi said. "He did very badly."

Tsurumi concedes that he disapproves of Bush's politics. He wrote a letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper, the Scarsdale Inquirer, that derided the president's claims to "compassionate conservatism."

"Somehow I found him totally devoid of compassion, social responsibility, and good study discipline," Tsurumi said. "What I remember most about him was all the kind of flippant statements that he made inside of classroom as well as outside."
And to think that the god-squad loves this cretin.

Bill Maher's Dickheads of the Year - In Pictures

See them all right here.

Surge in Off-Roading Raises Dust and Debate in West

DURANGO, Colo. — In the San Juan National Forest here, an iron rod gate is the last barrier to the Weminuche Wilderness, a mountain redoubt above 10,000 feet where wheels are not allowed.

But the gate has been knocked down repeatedly, shot at and generally disregarded. Miles beyond it, a two-track trail has been punched into the wilderness by errant all-terrain-vehicle riders who have insisted on going their own way, on-trail or off.
This should calm your rage, as it did mine.

These morons who can't enjoy themselves unless they're burning gasoline, creating outrageous noise and pollution, and destroying other people's property sure are examples of fine citizens. Fine stupid and selfish citizens, that is. These are the fuckers who accuse those who oppose their stunning destructive selfishness and stupidity of trampling their "rights." The majority of these people are easy prey for energy and ORV companies and the entire panoply of selfish, greedy, dirty Reich-wing corporate fascists who preach endless massive and irresponsible consumption without a hint of recognition for the consequences.

As far as I'm concerned, enjoyment of this kind of destructive activity, especially on public land, is simply a manifestation of utter stupidity.

2007 Deadliest Year for US Troops in Iraqnam

BAGHDAD - The second half of 2007 saw violence drop dramatically in Iraq, but the progress came at a high price: The year was the deadliest for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion, with 899 troops killed.
Wait. How can this be?? The Loyal Bushies and General Betrayus plus the Washington Post have been telling us that the level of violence is down in Iraqnam. If its "down" how can it be that this has been the deadliest year for US troops being slaughtered in Iraqnam?

You don't think the Bushies have been lying to us about conditions in Iraqnam, do you?

Mike Huckleberry - Social Psychologist

On NBC’s Meet The Press this morning, host Tim Russert asked former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee if he believed “people are born gay or choose to be gay?” “I don’t know whether people are born that way,” responded Huckabee, “but one thing I know, that the behavior one practices is a choice.”
So, Huckleberry, by this definition, then, you choose to be a horses ass? Is that what you are saying? I thought it was an inherited trait for you. Glad to know you choose to be this way.

Congressman Wexler Is Serious About Impeaching Deadeye Dick

It's really unfortunate that Congressman Wexler isn't the Speaker of the House. If he was, maybe the Congress would act on the non-discretionary Constitution. Pelosi certainly won't do what the Constitution demands. Read more about it here.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

US May Intervene with Bhutto Investigation

Mr. Musharraf and his supporters in the Bush administration, meanwhile, were coming under increasing pressure, inside and outside Pakistan, to open up the inquiry. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, said Friday that the United States should call for an independent investigation.

Wow. And I'll bet that Pakistan is just shaking in its boots out of fear that the United States may "investigate."

This is the same United States that has been investigating and pursuing Osama bin Forgotten for more than 6 years. What have they found? Nothing.

This is the same United States that has been investigating and purusing the persons involved in mailing anthrax to Capitol Hill. What have they found? Nothing.

This is the same United States, in the form of the Congress, that has been holding hearings and investigating all manner of illegal activity on the part of the Bush Administration for nearly a year. What have they turned up? Nothing.

There used to be a time when the threat or even the thought of the threat of the United States getting involved in things was enough to snap errant countries and individuals back in line. Now the thought of a United States investigation of anything brings a collective yawn.

I hope those who murdered Bhutto are hiding out in a mansion in Khrachi right now saying "bring em on" to this foolish suggestion.

Email to Management of the New York Times on Hiring William Kristol

Dear Executive Editor and Managing Editor of the New York Times

Imagine my shock and dismay when I discovered that the New York Times, the only "liberal" thinking newspaper left in the United States stooped to the level of tabloid journalism by hiring William Kristol for a weekly column.

Then imagine the chuckle that crossed my face when I read this story on Think Progress this morning who reminded us that William Kristol wanted the New York Times prosecuted, to wit:
After the New York Times in 2006 disclosed a secret Bush administration program to monitor international banking transactions, right-wing pundit Bill Kristol said this:

“I think it is an open question whether the Times itself should be prosecuted for this totally gratuitous revealing of an ongoing secret classified program that is part of the war on terror.” [Fox News, 7/2/06]

“I think the Justice Department has an obligation to consider prosecution.” [Fox News, 6/25/06]

There used to be a time not long ago when journalism in America was something to be looked up to and, for the bad guys, feared. Richard Nixon learned that the hard way.

Now we live in a world where journalistic excellence comes in second or even third behind corporate profits. Not long ago we were provided with stories about how the revenues of the New York Times are declining. We read just this week that the venerable Washington Post may go out of business for similar reasons.

The only reason the New York Times could stoop to this level of wannabe status is to try to bolster your sales by drawing more neoconservatives to your newspaper box. Having a creep like William Kristol on your columnist list may do that. Having Kristol there also diminishes the fantastic balance to other "news" outlets that you now have with Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and others. You already have David Brooks and Bob Herbert dirtying the otherwise excellent op-ed pages of the Times. Why further degrade yourselves with Kristol.

Personally I hope this foolish move on the part of the New York Times comes back to bite you in your balance sheet. You deserve to be bitten there.


Craig Faanes

It Was Only A Matter of Time

U.S. Takes Out Debt-Consolidation Loan

The Onion

U.S. Takes Out Debt-Consolidation Loan

WASHINGTON, DC-Plagued by late fees, high interest rates, and harassing creditors, the U.S. took out a debt-consolidation loan Monday, combining the nation's $6.1 trillion debt into a single, easy monthly payment.

Bush, Cheney May Be Subject to Arrest in Vermont Town

MONTPELIER, Vt. - President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: In one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes.

A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put an item on a town meeting agenda in March that would make Bush and Vice President Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit the southeastern Vermont community
What a great idea!! Lets hope the town council of Brattleboro follows through with their convictions and that they start a trend where all cities in the country except those in Texas of course, make it illegal for the Chimp and Grumpy to show up.

I can imagine it now. Helicopter One sets down in the town square and when the door opens and the Chimp steps out local constables rush the Secret Service, wrestle them to the ground and tie them off in plastic handcuffs. Then they focus their attention on Chimpy who is summarily slammed to the ground, his face pushed in the dirt just like his gestapo do to anti-war protesters. Using a provision of the oft-forgotten US Constitution, Chimpy is afforded a swift trial and then convicted. For punishment he is held in the local jail where two guys named Guido from Bayonne waterboard him. Waterboarding of course is not torture in the Bush dictionary so the Brothers Guido decide to give him some of his own medicine. After his punishment is meted out, Chimpy is sent to a romper room to play with his buddies Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Larry Craig, each of whom smell easy prey now that the exhausted Chimp has not been tortured. And as the Chimp is being waterboarded, the same is happening to Cheney. Only during his waterboarding his heart stents rust over and fail to work and, well, you know the rest.

Its unfortunate more American towns and cities aren't following Brattleboro's lead. Its too bad the United States Congress isn't either. After all, Nancy Pelosi, there is no place in the Constitution you conveniently brush aside, where it says that impeachment is discretionary. In fact, now that I think of it, it would be nice if San Francisco passed a law making it illegal for Pelosi to step foot in her District until she does her Constitutional requirements and impeaches Chimpy and Grumpy.

In the meantime lets all hope that Brattleboro does the right thing and makes it illegal for the Chimp and Cheney to even exist.

3,900 dead American kids in Iraqnam would certainly agree.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Who Is The Most Electable Democrat?

At least one of them listens to what the people want.

2007 As Seen By MoveOn.Org Members

US Troops Head to Pakistan

Beginning early next year, U.S. Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence in Pakistan, as part of an effort to train and support indigenous counter-insurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units, according to defense officials involved with the planning.
You had to know this was going to happen. After all, we sent "advisors" to Vietnam once.

This will be just great. Bush will have American troops in three islamic nations at once (well three that we know about). Seems ripe for the start of the final war to me.

Wake up sheeple.

Rudy's Fear Mongering

What was it that The Who sang about the new boss just like the old boss. Something like that.

Huckleberry Flunks Asian Geography

Pakistan's eastern border is with India.

However this is really no different than the moron currently in the White House who said in June 2001 that "Africa is a large nation with a lot of disease and poverty."

They are all from the same mold. And Rush and Fox "News" will apologize for them.

Rudy - Winning Hearts and Minds the World Over

Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 14

BAGHDAD - A car bomb detonated in a busy Baghdad market on Friday, police and hospital officials said, killing at least 14 people and ending what had been a relatively quiet holiday period in the Iraqi capital.
I'm certainly glad that Bush, Cheney, Rice, General Betrayus and the conservative-biased media have convinced everyone that the level of violence in Iraqnam is way down. Without their convincing arguments you'd think this car bomb never blew up killing 14 more.

And what is the author of this news piece doing talking about the bomb ending a "reliatively quiet holiday period..." Iraq is a muslim nation. The majority there don't believe in a jew named Jesus, so how could they be celebrating any holiday?

Its Been a Rough 7 Years for the Bill of Rights

Thursday, December 27, 2007

US Population to Hit 303 Million on January 1 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Census Bureau expects the nation's population to be 303.15 million on New Year's Day, up 0.9 percent from January 1, 2007, it said on Thursday.

In 2008, the country will add one person every 13 seconds, the bureau said. That will come from one birth every eight seconds, one death every 11 seconds, and one migrant arriving every 30 seconds.
The other title of this story could have been "The Slow Agonizing Death of Mother Earth Trundles On."

One thing nice about knowing that I'll be dead in 20 years or less is also knowing that I will not have to endure the stresses on whats left of the earth like my 2 daughters will or if they have children, their children will. It saddens the hell out of me when I think about how just 150 years ago the skies blackened with migrating ducks and geese and Bison roared across the prairies. Grizzly Bears lived near Grand Island Nebraska and Bighorn Sheep may have munched on South Dakota's finest native prairie. Today they are all pushed back into the mountains. Consider what the countryside might have looked like then with what it looks like now. Then think of what will be here (if anything) 150 years hence. If we have wrought this much environmental damage in 150 years working up to 303 million mouths to feed, think of the damage that will be here with continuing exponential population growth and the pressures that will be brought to bear on whats left.

Christmas 1981 in Jamestown North Dakota I was visited by a couple of Mormon missionaries. Normally I kick them out but this being the 'christians' holiday I let them in. After all I had not had a good religious argument or discussion in quite some time.

After all of the "have you accepted J C as your savior" stuff was out of the way I asked these two women why the Mormons just like the Catholics are opposed to birth control. I was told that "god" wanted the fecund Mormons to reproduce like rabbits to fill up the earth (something that all religions are doing at warp speed now). I said that was all well and good but that there was a finite land base out there and just so much countryside that could be used to grow more crops to feed more fecund little Mormons. The answer back was that "If 'god' wants there to be more children then 'god' will find a way to feed them."

What? Some cosmic diety whom nobody has ever seen is going to create food out of the air? Just like that? Presto changeo and there's more land to grow more crops on? I wonder what they were smoking?

Regardless, that mentality seems to be present even today. Repignofascists are making a huge deal out of trying to stop women from legally obtaining an abortion to rid themselves of a fetus they don't want. Yet once that fetus is brought to term and becomes a human, the Repignofascists could care less about its health or welfare or if it has enough food to eat. That only adds to the population problem.

I still remember the day in 1967 when President Lyndon Johnson was on CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite standing in front of some counter that rang 200,000,000 when the 200 millionth American was born. Now just 40 years later we have increased that population by 1/3 more. With all those fecund people running around out there it will be far less than 40 more years before we increase by 1/3 again. And again, and again.

And the earth suffers each time another doctor slaps another newborn on its Cheney.

Saudi Arms Sale Sets Up Clash With Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A plan to sell Saudi Arabia highly accurate Boeing Co bomb-guidance kits is roiling Israel's backers in the Congress, setting up a potential clash with President George W. Bush.
Let me see if I can understand the reasoning here.

Fifteen of the 19 people who hijacked airplanes on 9/11/2001 were Saudi Arabian so Bush invaded Afghanistan. Fifteen of the 19 people who hijacked airplanes on 9/11/2001 were Saudi Arabian so Bush illegally invaded and occupied Iraq claiming among other things that Saddam was a buddy of the guy who master minded the 9/11 attacks - himself a Saudi Arabian. Now we have Bush wanting to sell armaments to the Saudi Arabians.

Ok. It makes sense to me now.

Policy Implications of Bhutto's Death

In terms of policy implications, this is reflective of a massive US foreign policy blunder, in that the Bush administration, in a monumentally stupid move, shoved Bhutto down the throat of Musharraf (and the rest of Pakistan) as a savior, despite her lack of broad popular support and general reputation as corrupt. In making someone who didn't necessarily have the ability to deliver the savior for democracy in Pakistan, we simultaneously set up our own policy to fail and offered Musharraf a return to (or continued) total power in the event that our little power-sharing arrangement didn't work. We also -- though not only us -- painted a big fat target on her back. Really a debacle all the way around.
Translated, this means that not only did Bush fuck up on a grand scale it was more of a logrithmic scale. He really has screwed the pooch this time.

Heckuva job, Dubya.

Bush's Falling Dominoes

BHUTTO is dead in Pakistan, and there's going to be a flurry of accusations of blame from her supporters and from her detractors as well. But, for Americans who are left to witness the reactions and retaliations, there should be no doubt that the assassination is a direct hit on the Bush administration's blundering attempts to shape their foreign policy around their manufactured aggression in Iraq.
What a great story!!

For those of you who still swarm to the Chimp and his lies just remember this. George Bush has never once ONCE succeeded positively at a single thing he has ever attempted. He blew off his obligation to the Air National Guard because he didn't want to stay around. His Arbusto Oil company is the only company in the history of the Texas Oil Patch never to find a drop of oil. His ownership of the Texas Rangers resulted in Bush making millions at the expense of the county that built a stadium for him. His governorship of Texas was marked by increased crime, increased teen pregnancy and an environmental ranking of 50th in environmental quality.

Now comes his "presidency" that he has completely and thoroughly fucked up from day 1. His war on terror is more correctly called a war OF terror. His campaign line about being "a uniter not a divider" has shown that yes, he has united the entire world against the United States. His management of the economy has left us with a 9 trillion dollar national debt. Each and everything this man has touched has turned into a huge steaming pile of Cheney.

His bungling of the efforts to bring stability in the Middle East just took a further step off the cliff today with Bhutto's assassination. And how much do you want to bet that her assassination was the direct result of planning by Bush's buddy the current president of Pakistan? Think I am kidding? Just watch.

Bush is without doubt the most horrifically failed 'president' in the history of this country. And we have 389 more days of his bungling to go. Cross your fingers and pray to whatever "god" you believe in that his fuck ups will not futher disintegrate the state of the world.

And to think that Clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob. Geez.

3900 Dead American Kids in Iraqnam

As of Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007, at least 3,900 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes eight military civilians. At least 3,173 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers.
And not one of them is kin to George Bush or Dick Cheney. Now how could that be?

The other really telling statistic that is missing from this story is the number of funerals of these 3,900 dead American kids that their commander in chief has attended. That number is ZERO.

Wake up sheeple

Is Hillary Clinton Giving Up on Iowa?

I certainly hope so. I also certainly hope she will be giving up on the other 49 states as well.

We Are Pissing Away $15 Billion a MONTH In Iraqnam

And the Democratic "leadership" in the House and the Senate spinelessly keep writing the checks.

Democracy Continues to Flourish in the Middle East

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide bombing that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally, a party aide and a military official said.
I just don't understand why we don't have headlines like this in the United States.

Counting the Days

Days Remaining in the Bush Regime 390 LONG DAYS
Days Since Democracy Died on December 12, 2000 2536 Days
Where is Osama bin Laden? 2258 DAYS
Days Since Enron Collapsed = 2219
Number of Enron Execs in handcuffs = 19
Enron Execs Convicted = 10
Enron Execs Conveniently Deceased = 3

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bush Selected "Most Admired Man of 2007"

PRINCETON, NJ -- For the sixth year in a row, President George W. Bush is the most admired man and Sen. Hillary Clinton the most admired woman in Gallup's annual survey. But neither winner had a very decisive win this year, with former President Bill Clinton nearly tying Bush and Hillary Clinton barely topping talk-show host Oprah Winfrey. This is the seventh time Bush has been most admired man and the 12th time Clinton has been most admired woman.
How in the living hell can this be?? George Bush is the most despised piece of flotsam ever invented!! This "poll" demonstrates the frailty of polls.

Mitt Gets a Second Anti-Endorsement!!!

Less than two weeks before the possibly make-or-break New Hampshire primary, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney woke up Wednesday to find another scathing anti-endorsement in a Granite State newspaper. It's the second major anti-Romney editorial slam this week.
This is great news and it proves that New Hampshire newspapers are more aware of things that most people. The unfortunate thing is that nobody reads newspapers any longer!

Majority of Military Families Cant Stand Bush Either

Close family members of U.S. troops are split on whether the Iraq invasion was a mistake, and 55% disapprove of President Bush's job performance, according to USA TODAY/Gallup Polls focusing on immediate relatives of servicemembers.

"They've maxed out on the troops. You've got guys who are over there on their fourth or fifth tours. It's ridiculous," says Jeanette Knowles, 40, of Mountain Home, Idaho, whose brother, Jeff, served a tour in Iraq with the Oregon National Guard.
Every day a few more light bulbs go off in the head of the American public regarding the unmitigated disaster that lives in the White House. One encouraging sign is the steady increase in the families of members of the military who now realize what a mistake it was to illegally invade and occupy a country that did nothing to the United States.

Keep waking up, Sheeple.

The Surge Isn't Working

Juan Cole of Informed Comment outlines — and debunks — the top 10 Iraq myths of 2007.

I'm sure this information will be headline news on the Fake News Network for the next 3 weeks or so.

Russia Selling Missile System to Iran

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Russia has agreed to sell an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, Iran's defense minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday, a report likely to irritate the United States.
Way to go, Dubya!! Now you have the Russians selling missile systems to Iran. What an accomplished mission, you horses ass.

Did you ever stop to think, Dubya, that if you weren't brow beating Iran in an attempt to bolster your own weakened manlihood, they might not be buying missiles from Russia? I'll bet that move really upsets you, since in 2001 you told us you looked at Vlad Putin and could "see his soul." The comment in this story about the sale to Iran likely upsetting the US is Putin's soul giving you the finger in return.

And, Dubya, before you get bent out of shape about this remember all of the missile systems WE sell to the Terrorist State of Israel each year. All Russia is doing is trying to help Iran protect itself from a fanatical attack by the Terrorist State of Israel (under US protection of course). I really can't blame Iran for doing this.

Six long years ago you started beating the drums for invading Iraqnam claiming that doing so would bring not only democracy to the Middle East but also a calming influence on the region. Russia selling missiles to Iran is certainly calming.

Twas The Night Before Impeachment

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has penned a poem, certain to become a holiday tradition.

'T'was The Night Before Impeachment"

It is really unfortunate that Nancy Pelosi has decided that the United States Constitution is a discretionary document.

What Does Dick Have to Hide?

J. William Leonard learned the hard way the perils of questioning Vice President Dick Cheney. The veteran National Archives official challenged claims by the Office of Vice President (OVP) to be exempt from federal rules governing classified information. His efforts touched off a firestorm—and a counter-strike by Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington, who tried to wipe out Leonard's job. (Addington did not respond to requests for comment on the subject.)

Now, Leonard is quitting as director of the Archives' Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)—the unit that monitors the handling of government secrets. He tells NEWSWEEK that his fight with Cheney's office was a "contributing" factor in his decision to retire after 34 years of government service.
The answer to what Dick has to hide is obviously, "everything."

Whats really ironic is that it was another Dick, Nixon, who was the reason behind the Freedom of Information Act that was supposed to make your government and mine more transparent.

Maybe when the people who conduct the war crimes trial of Bush and Cheney after they are out of office will be able to sort out why Dick was so secretive. If he had nothing to hide why hide everything?

Wake up sheeple.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Democratic Congresswoman From New York Trashed For Getting Pregnant

First term Congresswoman Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY20), in a highly-vulnerable district in New York's Hudson Valley, is being attacked, not for her politics, not for her stand against the Iraq war, not for the earmarks she's bringing home including money for rural broadband development.


She's being attacked because she and her husband have conceived a child.
This would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

The Repignofascists are supposed to be "pro-life" and "pro-family" and "family values" and all those other things that drive their sheep to the polling booth. So you'd think they would be ecstatic that a Congresswoman was pregnant. However she's a Democratic Congresswoman so I guess that only Repignofascists can do pro-life and pro family and have family values.

Boston's Big Dig Finally Done

BOSTON - When the clock runs out on 2007, Boston will quietly mark the end of one of the most tumultuous eras in the city's history: The Big Dig, the nation's most complex and costliest highway project, will officially come to an end.
If driving in Boston makes you as nervous as it makes me nervous, then this is exceptionally good news.

A Christmas Reminder

Jim Hightower's Christmas Gifts to the Power Elite

Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Singer, Songwriter and Calypso Poet

When you see him sing and when he's prancing around on stage at a show, it's difficult to accept that 61 years ago today in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Jimmy Buffett was born. Luckily he doesn't act his age.

I saw him first in concert in Chastain Park in Atlanta in 1986 with Chris Haney and with crazed Canadian Gary Benny. Jon Andrew and I met him backstage at a benefit show to help protect manatees that he held in Fort Lauderdale in 1992. I still have the Corona bottle that Jimmy opened for me back stage that night. The last time I saw him (my 31st show) I went with my daughter Dana and watched him singing under palm trees with a volcano nearby, at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu in 2005. He was great in 1986, he was better in 1992, and he was fantastic in Honolulu.

So, to honor this most sacred day on the Parrothead calendar, do like I do every year. I look south toward the reality of the tropics (the direction I'm looking as I type this). I raise a boat drink to my lips, and when I'm done with the drink I sing his birthday song "Christmas in the Caribbean" from disc 2 of the Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads collection. And if you want to make it a 2-fer, have a mojito for your boat drink because today would have been Papa Hemmingway's birthday also.

Unfortunately there is no video available of Jimmy's Birthday here's a vid from a year ago today on Jamaica, mon featuring Bob Marley. It doesn't get more Caribbean dan dat, mon.

The Hypocrisy of the Pope Knows No Bounds

The Pope urged people to accept the light of Jesus Christ into their lives. He appealed for solutions to conflicts raging across the world in Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan and the Middle East. And he made an appeal for environmental protection.
What an absolute joke!! Just a week ago the very same pope downplayed the threat of global warming and today he makes an appeal for environmental protection?

Well Popeykins, there is not much more important on earth in the realm of environmental protection than subduing global warming. If that mess isn't stopped all the pontifications about environmental protection you can spew out will be meaningless.

If you're so damned concerned about environmental protection, why dont you immediately order all of your fecund faithful to stop having litters of children? After all, overpopulation and the resultant quest for burning more fossil fuels by all those extra people is one of the greatest contributors to global warming. Why dont you order your faithful to drive cars that get 50 miles per gallon. Why dont you order your faithful to stop building houses and to avoid wetlands and to move away from the coast.

Either be part of the solution or keep your popely mouth shut. Please?

Iraqi Resistence Still In Operation - Did The Bush Administration Lie to Us?

Al Jazeera has obtained video footage that appears to show that Iraq's resistance movements are very much in operation, despite the US administration's claims.

The US has been pointing to the decreasing number of violent deaths in recent months as a sign the country is being brought under control.
This can't possibly be true! Dick Cheney said three years ago that the resistence was in its final throes, if you will. General Betrayus said that all things are wonderful in Iraqnam. Even George Bush, a man with impeccable credentials when it comes to matters of the truth said that things are turning around in Iraqnam (as he gets ready for a whirlwind tour of the world to try to salvage America's tarnished image in the eyes of the world community).

So this story from al-Jazeera must be wrong. It must be propaganda designed to foil the attempts of the sterling leadership of the United States in its quest for peace justice and the American way in Iraqnam. Yup. That has to be it.

Once Again, The Terrorist State of Israel Goes Out of Its Way to Promote Peace

A second round of peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian politicians has failed after Palestinians expressed anger over Israel's plans to expand settlements near occupied Jerusalem.

The meeting in Jerusalem came a day after Israel announced it was planning to expand two settlements in East Jerusalem next year.
I'm so glad the terrorist state of Israel continues to strive for a peaceful settlement of the issues in the Middle East. I think the US government in its quest to purchase jewish votes, should give the terrorist government of Israel an increase in the billions of dollars in aid we provide annually just because Israel is being such a good contributor by not expanding contentious settlements in violation of the rules.

Yup, that certainly seems fair to me.

Iraq Fighters Display New Weapons

Foreign forces in Iraq are hoping that a much heralded drop in violence in Iraq will continue into the new year.

However, in exclusive images obtained by Al Jazeera, fighters from the Islamic Front for Resistance in Iraq (Jami) say they are biding their time and training hard with an array of new weapons in order to drive foreign forces out as soon as possible.
Well this is certainly encouraging news and I'm so glad that we are making considerable progress in Iraqnam.

As Violence Continues Its Steady Decline in Iraqnam...

At least 20 people have been killed and 80 injured in a suicide car bomb explosion in northern Iraq.

Police say the bomber detonated the charge when he was stopped by police and local militias in Baiji, about 250km (155 miles) north of Baghdad.
I'm not sure about you, but I'm certainly glad that the pro-war biased media continue to report that violence is down in Iraqnam. I'll bet these 20 dead people are glad that it is. This only proves once again what Deadeye Dick Cheney said three years ago, "the insurgency is in its final throes, if you will."

Yup. And a guy named Santa Claus is just now finishing up delivering presents to little kids all over the Pacific also.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Thirty-nine Years Ago Tonight

Wow. How time flies. It was 39 years ago this evening that the picture with this post was taken. The crew of the Apollo 8 mission became the first human beings to orbit the moon. It was one hell of an historic night.

I was a senior in high school on December 24, 1968. The temperature was twenty-something degrees below zero in Rice Lake, Wisconsin as I stood in the yard of our farm in the early evening and pointed my binoculars and my spotting scope at the moon. I was hoping against hope that I could somehow see that microscopic spaceship from 240,000 miles away. I think I overestimated the power of my equipment just a smidge.

Those were really heady times in America. President Kennedy had stated seven years earlier that he wanted a man on the moon by the end of the decade and considerable progress was being made fulfilling Kennedy's goal. Just 6 1/2 months from tonight, on July 4, 1969, I stood in almost the same place in our yard and tried to see the space craft again, this time as Neil Armstrong stumbled around on the lunar surface. I was quite a dreamer.

Every year on Christmas Eve I look at the moon as I just did a minute ago, and remember back over what is now more than 2/3 of my life ago to that frigid night in a much less complex time in our history. I stood there overwhelmed with awe as I contemplated what science could do and how it was being played out in front of me and the rest of the world on a frigid night in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Credit Crisis May Make 1929 Look Like "Walk in the Park"

As the credit paralysis stretches through its fifth month, a chorus of economists has begun to warn that the world's central banks are fighting the wrong war, and perhaps risk a policy error of epochal proportions.
What a great Christmas present!! Thanks Dumbya. Thanks for not doing a damned thing to turn this situation around by actually regulating the credit industry to begin with. But of course you can't do that because then you'd have to step on the toes of the people who fund you and your party so there are no regulations.

If you go back and look at the things that were Osama bin Forgotten's priorities when he attacked the US on 9/11, causing a disruption of the financial system was one of the big ones. And you and your buddy Tony Blair played right into it.

I only hope that when the crash comes it comes before election day 2008 so you can take and accept the full blame for the crisis and madness you and your administration and their policies alone have created.

Heckuva job, Dubya.