Sunday, December 23, 2007

Olmert Rules Out Truce With Hamas

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert has ruled out a ceasefire with Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas unless it recognises Israel and renounces violence.

He was speaking after two Israeli ministers said it should consider a truce after reports, denied by Hamas, that the group was exploring the idea.

But Mr Olmert said the Israeli army was involved in a "real war" in Gaza.
Once again the terrorist state of Israel proves that it could give a rat's cheney about peace in the Middle East. All the terrorist state of Israel wants to do is create unrest and unease so the guilt ridden governments of Europe and the United States will continue to pump billions of dollars and euros and pounds sterling into their economy

I used to feel sorry for Israel and thought they were the victim of aggression in the region. However they are not not be felt sorry for. As my old friend Carl Madsen would say "you sleep in the bed you make" and Israel's continued defiance of any attempts to bring peace to the region has created a super jumbo sized king bed for them to sleep in.

There simply will not be any peace in the Middle East until the terrorist state of Israel is no more. The President of Iran was right.

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