Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Russia Selling Missile System to Iran

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Russia has agreed to sell an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, Iran's defense minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday, a report likely to irritate the United States.
Way to go, Dubya!! Now you have the Russians selling missile systems to Iran. What an accomplished mission, you horses ass.

Did you ever stop to think, Dubya, that if you weren't brow beating Iran in an attempt to bolster your own weakened manlihood, they might not be buying missiles from Russia? I'll bet that move really upsets you, since in 2001 you told us you looked at Vlad Putin and could "see his soul." The comment in this story about the sale to Iran likely upsetting the US is Putin's soul giving you the finger in return.

And, Dubya, before you get bent out of shape about this remember all of the missile systems WE sell to the Terrorist State of Israel each year. All Russia is doing is trying to help Iran protect itself from a fanatical attack by the Terrorist State of Israel (under US protection of course). I really can't blame Iran for doing this.

Six long years ago you started beating the drums for invading Iraqnam claiming that doing so would bring not only democracy to the Middle East but also a calming influence on the region. Russia selling missiles to Iran is certainly calming.

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