Monday, December 24, 2007

John Kerry Fights for What is Really NOT Important

With the New England Patriots now one win away from finishing the regular season undefeated, Sen. John Kerry is stepping up his campaign to get the final game broadcast on national television.

The contest Saturday with the New York Giants is to air locally in Boston and New York. But outside those markets it is scheduled to appear only on the NFL Network, a cable channel that reaches just 35 million households nationwide while the league and cable operators dicker over pricing and distribution.

Kerry asked football Commissioner Roger Goodell today to move the game to NBC – and threatened Senate hearings if he does not.
Ah, excuse me, John, but who really gives a rat's ass?

For one thing, John, if people want to know about the score of this game they can read the sports page of their newspaper the next day or turn on endless sports networks on television for a recap the night the game is played. End of story.

If you really want to do something that is meaningful why not hold hearings on the war in Iraqnam? Why not bring articles of impeachment against Cheney and Bush? Why not do something about the failing financial system in the United States or the decline of the dollar against world currencies.

In other words, John, if you are going to do something, do something that actually matters.

And regarding your threat of Senate hearings. So freaking what? Since the Dems have taken back the House and the Senate there have been endless hearings in both chambers. But what has come of them? Has ANYONE gone to jail because of a House or Senate hearing? Has anything changed? Bush and his cohorts blow off all challenges of Congressional hearings and there are no consequences so what value is there to a hearing? We now live in a land where the law is an after thought. Senate hearings are even further down the list.

Its all well and good that you are doing something for your constituents, but why not do something that matters? I'm sure there are more than a few people in Massachusetts who are the parents of children who are about to be blown up in Iraqnam for no earthly reason whatsoever. I'm thinking they would appreciate your efforts to get their children out of harms way a hell of a lot more than they would being able to watch a football game on the tube.

Get a life John.

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