Monday, December 24, 2007

Billions in Aid to Pakistan Was Wasted, Officials Assert

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — After the United States has spent more than $5 billion in a largely failed effort to bolster the Pakistani military effort against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, some American officials now acknowledge that there were too few controls over the money. The strategy to improve the Pakistani military, they said, needs to be completely revamped.
Is this classic Bush mismanagement of just about everything or what? Notice in the story the use of the phrase "too few controls over money." Sound familiar? Sound at all like Bush's handling of the mortgage industry? More appropriately does it sound like anything and everything related to the Bush Administration since it first took office 7 very long years ago?

The Bushies are masters at winning elections and starting wars. However they don't know a thing about managing either after they have succeeded. And its not just the Bushies. The entire Repignofascist slate of candidates is all about winning and pandering to the base on non issues like immigration and burning the damned flag. They could care less about making things work.

Bush wanted to run government like a business. I would imagine that any business that causes $5 billion to be squandered would be removing its CEO at the next board meeting. Too bad Bush didn't set up a Board of Directors when he put out his management agenda in February 2001. Of course nobody would remember it existed now.

Wake up sheeple.

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