Monday, December 24, 2007

All Thumbs Up for "Charlie Wilson's War"

Last night I saw "Charlie Wilson's War" and think that it is a movie you should see if you haven't already. You can view a trailer for it here.

After seeing it I can't undertand why the Repignofascist fringe is so upset about the movie, other than maybe because it portrays a Democrat being pro-war like they are. You can read some professional reviews of the movie here.

The truly sad thing about the story is that it depicts how many zillions of dollars the United States pumped into Afghanistan (a $1 billion appropriation one year) to arm the mujahadeen. What the story doesn't tell you is that many of those same CIA-provided armaments that brought a victory for the Afghans against the Russians are being used today, and have been used since October 2001, against the invading American forces occupying Afghanistan.

Tom Hanks was his usual excellent self, and the co-starring role by Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, was looking old. I hope that was just an artifact of the make up.

If Charlie's war is in your town go see it. If not, wait anxiously for it to appear and as a last resort, pick it up when the DVD comes out. You won't be disappointed.

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Saw it ... Loved it!!

Merry Christmas & Happy 1 year Anniversary!!