Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bush's Falling Dominoes

BHUTTO is dead in Pakistan, and there's going to be a flurry of accusations of blame from her supporters and from her detractors as well. But, for Americans who are left to witness the reactions and retaliations, there should be no doubt that the assassination is a direct hit on the Bush administration's blundering attempts to shape their foreign policy around their manufactured aggression in Iraq.
What a great story!!

For those of you who still swarm to the Chimp and his lies just remember this. George Bush has never once ONCE succeeded positively at a single thing he has ever attempted. He blew off his obligation to the Air National Guard because he didn't want to stay around. His Arbusto Oil company is the only company in the history of the Texas Oil Patch never to find a drop of oil. His ownership of the Texas Rangers resulted in Bush making millions at the expense of the county that built a stadium for him. His governorship of Texas was marked by increased crime, increased teen pregnancy and an environmental ranking of 50th in environmental quality.

Now comes his "presidency" that he has completely and thoroughly fucked up from day 1. His war on terror is more correctly called a war OF terror. His campaign line about being "a uniter not a divider" has shown that yes, he has united the entire world against the United States. His management of the economy has left us with a 9 trillion dollar national debt. Each and everything this man has touched has turned into a huge steaming pile of Cheney.

His bungling of the efforts to bring stability in the Middle East just took a further step off the cliff today with Bhutto's assassination. And how much do you want to bet that her assassination was the direct result of planning by Bush's buddy the current president of Pakistan? Think I am kidding? Just watch.

Bush is without doubt the most horrifically failed 'president' in the history of this country. And we have 389 more days of his bungling to go. Cross your fingers and pray to whatever "god" you believe in that his fuck ups will not futher disintegrate the state of the world.

And to think that Clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob. Geez.

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