Monday, December 24, 2007

How Hillary Lost Her Invincibility

When Hillary Clinton launched her campaign nearly a year ago, the media buzz deemed it near impossible for the likes of Barack Obama and John Edwards to overcome her daunting campaign machine. The endorsements, the money, and the cream-of-the-crop strategists combined with the former First Lady's incumbent image to make her the clear-cut choice of the Democratic Party establishment.
Hillary lost her invincibility by never having been invincible.

Despite what the polls touted, I know of only 2 people, both professional colleagues, who support Hillary. Two. And I live in the progressive-thinking hotbed of Northern Virginia and the only people I associate with are Liberals. Only two.

I remain convinced that the reason that Hillary was always the Democratic front runner is that the conservative-biased media wanted her to be. Since day one the talk has all been about Hillary this and Hillary that and never hardly ever was there mention of anyone else. The media chose Hillary to be the front runner, I think because the conservative-biased media knows how divisive she is.

The only way the Democrats are going to win the 2008 Presidential election is by taking some of the southern states. Can you for a moment imagine a redneck in Wedowee, Alabama, voting for Hillary? I can't either and that's been the plan all along.

Hillary is only about Hillary. She's calculating and refuses to take responsibility for her votes in the Senate favoring Bush and his illegal war in the Middle East.

Several months ago I was hoping against hope that Hillary would fall and so would Obama and out of the ashes would rise Al Gore, the one real hope for this country. Hillary has fallen but Al hasn't risen. I still don't know who I will support in 2008. Maybe its time to vote for Alfred E. Newman again? Its certainly not time to vote for Hillary.

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