Friday, November 30, 2007

Bush to Slash Counterterrorism Funding

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration intends to slash counterterrorism funding for police, firefighters and rescue departments across the country by more than half next year, according to budget documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The Homeland Security Department has given $23 billion to states and local communities to fight terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks, but one document says the administration is not convinced that the money has been well spent and thinks the nation's highest-risk cities have largely satisfied their security needs.
WTF is this?

I thought Dumbya was going to smoke em out and git em to all of the turists out there in turist land? I thought he was the meanest hombre on earth who was going to protect the homeland from furiners who wanted to harm 'merika. I thought Bush was never going to let us down in his unrelenting search for truth, justice, and the Repignofascist way?

So how can this be? How can he allow the amount of money going to first responders who will be the ones who will actually protect us after the next attack be slashed while all of those turists are out there turizing? I guess he feels confident in slashing this funding now that he's no longer running for office and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing so well stabilizing the Middle East and making young democracies pop up all over the reason. That must be the reason.

Of course if any Democrat in the House or Senate proposed this sweeping decline in the amount of money available for counter terrorism every jackal in the Repignofascist noise machine would be calling for his head. Rush Limbaugh would be hyperventilating. Michael Savage would be calling for riots. Sham Hannity's head would actually stay upright. But since its Bushie making the call and the conservative biased media is pro-Bushie, then we can't expect any righteous indignation.

But just watch. As soon as the next turist attacks Bush's 'merika, he and all the rest of the Repignofascists will blame the Democrats and scream that Congress is asleep at the switch.

How many days of this bastard do we have left to endure?

Take A Trip Back in Your Memory

My life long friend (from grade school) Keith sent me this link to the theme songs for a bunch of classic television shows. Talk about rocking your memory (well at least if you're more than 32 years old).

Listen and take yourself back to a much more simple time in our lives.

When Hitler Was Banned by Microsoft

This is hilarious!

Florida Freezes Its Fund as Governments Pull Out

Seeking to stem a multibillion-dollar run on an investment pool for local governments, top Florida officials voted yesterday to suspend withdrawals from the fund, leaving some towns and school districts worrying about how they would pay their bills.
As cruel as it may sound, I hope that every Floridian who is harmed by this action remembers that it was the Bush Abomination that absolutely refused to have any oversight of anything. Afterall, according to these Cheney-wipes, government oversight is bad. The "market" will take care of things. Sure, if you're Bill Gates it will.

Wake up, sheeple.

Citing Statistics, Rudy Lies Again

In almost every appearance as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, Rudolph W. Giuliani cites a fusillade of statistics and facts to make his arguments about his successes in running New York City and the merits of his views.

Discussing his crime-fighting success as mayor, Mr. Giuliani told a television interviewer that New York was “the only city in America that has reduced crime every single year since 1994.” In New Hampshire this week, he told a public forum that when he became mayor in 1994, New York “had been averaging like 1,800, 1,900 murders for almost 30 years.” When a recent Republican debate turned to the question of fiscal responsibility, he boasted that “under me, spending went down by 7 percent.”

All of these statements are incomplete, exaggerated or just plain wrong. And while, to be sure, all candidates use misleading statistics from time to time, Mr. Giuliani has made statistics a central part of his candidacy as he campaigns on his record.
The way Rudy lies you'd think he was a part of the Bush Administration or something.

Compared to 2004, there is one thing about the 2008 Repignofascist race that so far baffles the hell out of me. Remember in 2004 how the Repignofascist noise machine made a big freaking deal out of the fact that John Edwards was an attorney? Rudy is one also. He was a US Attorney in New York City. Why did the Repignofascists come unglued over John being an attorney, but nobody says squat about this jackal being one?

Disgraced Kerik Vouches for Rudy's Character

Earlier this week, Politico reported that as New York City mayor, Giuliani “billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in security expenses amassed during the time when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons.” In a New York Times article today, disgraced Bernie Kerik, formerly Giuliani’s police commissioner, defended his friend:
Hey, this resolves the problem! Kerik says it was okay! One goomba says the other goomba didden do nuttin wrong! I guess I can vote for Rudy after all.

US Withdraws Mideast Peace Resolution On The Request of Israel

UNITED NATIONS - In an about face, the United States on Friday withdrew a U.N. resolution endorsing this week's agreement by Israeli and Palestinian leaders to try to reach a Mideast peace settlement by the end of 2008, apparently after Israel objected.
What?? Bush made all sorts of lie-soaked gestures earlier this week suggesting that he wanted peace in the Palestine-Israel issue. Now he withdraws support?

You'd think the terrorist state of Israel had oil or something.

Andrew Card May Have Some Ethics Afterall

Karl Rove asserted on the Charlie Rose show recently that it was Congress that pushed the Bush administration into war with Iraq. “The administration was opposed” to voting for a war resolution in the fall of 2002, Rove claimed. “It seemed it make things move too fast,” he argued.
Does this suggest that former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card has some ethics? No? I didn't think so. It would be so rare for ethics to cloud the Reich of the Bush machine, but one can always hope.

The Chimp and the Doobie

This certainly looks like the poor little rich kid to me.

Bush, Cheney Rove Mug Shots

For the life of me, other than its a Faux "News" headline, how showing mug shots of the Chimp, Cheney and Rove can be considered controversial is beyond me. On January 20, 2009, at 12:02 pm when Bush and Cheney are out of office they will be eligible for to enjoy all the benefits of the World Court. My hope and prayer (if I believed in non-existent cosmic beings) is that they will immediately be swept up by the World Court, mugged, finger printed, stripped naked, water boarded, have gerbils inserted in their anal pores (just for the hell of it) and be put on trial.

Know-Nothings Who Know Better

Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani did a fine job achieving their objectives in Wednesday's Republican presidential debate: Each thoroughly discredited the other.

They also disgraced themselves as they pandered relentlessly to the growing anti-immigrant feeling in their party.
Mitt and Rudy dont need the forum of a debate to disgrace themselves. All they need is to breathe.

It should be quite evident to anyone with an IQ greater than a flea that the Repignofascist Party has hosed itself in the eyes of the nation, and most of the hosing is because of extreme right-wing views like these two cretins and others continue to spew. They called it "hate speech" when Don Imus was temporarily fired. I think the best thing that could happen to the Democratic nominee in 2008, no matter who he is, would be to have either of these two mindless jackals as the Repignofascist Party nominee. I get all goose pimply thinking about it.

Gitmo Al's Not-So-Free Speech

Neil Patel, president of the undergraduate student association at Washington University in Saint Louis, wanted to invite to campus a "speaker who would incite a lot of discussion, and probably bring a lot of dissent." So when the Greater Talent Network came pitching its new client, Alberto R. Gonzales, Patel bit -- even though the price for a speech was $35,000.

Thirty-five grand might not seem a lot to hear a former attorney general of the United States candidly discuss his role in a scandal that brought shame to the Justice Department and a sweeping investigation that continues even now that he's gone. But it's an awfully steep sum to hear an inept former politician talk about his few self-described successes.
I wouldn't pay 35 cents to listen to this lying waste of protoplasm. But a university has $35,000 to lay on him? That seems to fly in the face of the concept of "higher" education.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quarter Backs

This is a rather enjoyable, non-political, quizzie that my sister sent me. She scored 14 out of 20. I went 18 out of 20. When you run the test try to think of something about each state that might be shown. Let me know how you did.

Romney Refuses to Call Waterboarding Torture

What a good christian boy!! Perhaps Mitt needs to be waterboarded. Maybe his outlook would change then?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dubya on His Hunting for Bin Laden

This bastard thinks that bin Laden met his match in HIM? How delusional can one person be? And he says that bin Laden has no trouble sending people to their deaths? This moron needs to go over to Dover Air Force Base Delaware each week and watch the body bags come back from Iraq filled with kids he sent there for a lie.

Another Bush Abomination Terrorism Failure

WASHINGTON - Local intelligence-sharing centers set up after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have had their anti-terrorism mission diluted by a focus on run-of-the-mill street crime and hazards such as hurricanes, a government report concludes.

Of the 43 "fusion centers" already established, only two focus exclusively on preventing terrorism, the Government Accountability Office found in a national survey obtained by The Associated Press. Center directors complain that they were hampered by lack of guidance from Washington and they were flooded by often redundant information from multiple computer systems.
When asked about this the Bushies will say that its the Democrats fault so nothing will change.

Its Clear The President Ordered a Federal Crime

But nobody will put him in jail or will they even consider impeaching him. I cant wait until this asswipe is out of office so the world court can have a few swings at him.

OJ Simpson Pleads Not Guilty

LAS VEGAS - O.J. Simpson firmly pleaded not guilty Wednesday at his arraignment on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson stood and entered his plea before Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass, who will preside at his trial along with co-defendants Clarence "C.J." Stewart and Charles "Charlie" Ehrlich.

Ehrlich and Stewart also entered pleas of not guilty, and a trial date was set for April 7, 2008.
Maybe, finally, this violent, narcassistic son of a bitch will wind up in jail where he should have been since June 1994.

Rudy the Christian

As New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in security expenses amassed during the time when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons, according to previously undisclosed government records.
This is beyond hilarious!! Giuliani charged the New York City taxpayers for his trips that involved extra-marital trysts with his then-girlfriend (while still married) now-wife. I wonder what kind of comment we'll get from "christian" Pat Robertson? I'll bet Pat still wants to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his blowjob.

Interior Appointee Stood to Profit from ESA Decision

You will surely be shocked and surprised to find Julie MacDonald had a personal interest in a listing issue and was a dirty, filthy bag of wingnut scum. This can't be true, because the Chimp said during the 2000 campaign for Al Gore's job that if elected he would "restore honor and dignity to the White House," after the previous evil liberal president spent all his time having his knob polished in the Oval Orifice.

This is without doubt yet another example of the left wing liberal media and left wing liberal Inspector General unjustifiably attacking a true and honest patriot!!! When will these outrages end! The horror. The horror.
ENDANGERED SPECIES: Interior appointee stood to profit from ESA decision -- IG (11/28/2007)
Dan Berman, Greenwire senior reporter

An Interior Department political appointee helped remove a California fish from the endangered species list despite owning property and a business that could be affected by that decision, the Interior inspector general charges in a new report.

Julie MacDonald, the former deputy assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks, should have recused herself from the case involving the Sacramento splittail, IG Earl Devaney said.

Although the Fish and Wildlife Service made the decision to delist the fish as a threatened species before MacDonald was involved, she made more than 500 changes to the reasoning and scientific justification in the final decision, a finding that could affect her own property and income in the future.

"MacDonald was involved extensively and intimately in the final editing process of the splittail," the IG wrote.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia has declined to pursue the case, and Interior took no action before MacDonald resigned from the department in May. In fact, MacDonald was promoted less than a year after the final splittail rule was issued.

MacDonald's Dixon, Calif., farm is located in the Yolo Bypass, which provides flood control for the Sacramento River. It is valued at more than $1 million, and generated up to $1 million in income last year, according to MacDonald's financial disclosure report filed May 1, the day she resigned from Interior.

Before joining Interior, MacDonald was a vocal, local opponent of the listing after FWS classified the splittail as "threatened" in 1999. The splittail's population had declined 62 percent between 1984 and 1999.

Significantly, MacDonald challenged the statistical analysis of fish population data.

A statistician hired to conduct the statistical analysis told the IG that MacDonald was "very dogmatic" in her opposition to his data. Because they were adopted in the final rule, MacDonald's changes could be used as a precedent in future Endangered Species Act decisions, a senior agency official said in the report.

FWS spokeswoman Valerie Fellows said MacDonald "provided substantial input, but it didn't change the service's final decision" to delist the species.

'Axe to grind'
Devaney's report, the second this year involving MacDonald, gives more ammunition to congressional opponents of the Bush administration's record on endangered species.

"Julie MacDonald came to her job with an axe to grind, that she failed to recuse herself from critical decisions in which she had clear conflicts of interest, and that she escaped punishment for those hidden conflicts by sneaking out the back door," said Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) in a statement.

MacDonald resigned in May after Devaney issued a scathing report that found she violated ethics rules, edited scientific decisions on endangered species issues and passed internal agency information to outside parties suing the department.

Yesterday, FWS announced it would revise seven rulings MacDonald influenced that denied endangered species listings or limited critical habitat designations (E&ENews PM, Nov. 27).

Meanwhile, the Center for Biological Diversity has filed six lawsuits claiming Bush administration appointees overrode federal scientists' recommendations on endangered species actions and plans to file 49 more, one for each species it claims was denied protection due to political intervention.

Job search
The IG also detailed MacDonald's efforts to find a new job between December 2006 and February 2007, at a time where she was still involved in Endangered Species Act decisions.

MacDonald applied for jobs with Shell Oil Co., the American Forest & Paper Association and Portland Cement Association.

At AF&PA, MacDonald interviewed twice for the position of vice president of forestry and wood products, a post that was eventually filled by David Tenny, then a deputy to Agriculture Undersecretary Mark Rey.

Although MacDonald was involved in nine endangered species decisions during those three months, she recused herself from issues related to the recovery plan and critical habitat designation for the northern spotted owl, the IG reports.

Head of Rove Inquiry Also in Hot Seat

WASHINGTON -- The head of the federal agency investigating Karl Rove's White House political operation is facing allegations that he improperly deleted computer files during another probe, using a private computer-help company, Geeks on Call.
It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. And none of them will ever do a second of time in prison where these wanton criminals belong.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How the Fox Opinion Network is So Important to the Repignofascists

WASHINGTON - The public increasingly believes the U.S. is making military progress in Iraq but still wants President Bush to remove American troops from the country as quickly as possible, a poll showed Tuesday.

People are evenly split over how well the military effort in Iraq is going, with 48 percent saying it is going well and the same number saying it isn't, according to a survey by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. In February, shortly after Bush announced he would send additional troops to the country, only 30 percent said things were going well.
Despite all of the horrifically bad news coming out of Iraqnam including the country's inability to reconcile warring factions, plus the rising death toll of American kids on top of the $12 billion a month we are pissing away there, the American public still believes that we are making military progress in Iraq.

With the Fox Opinion Network being the number 1 news source among Americans it can really be no wonder that so many foolish people think we are making progress in the quagmire of Iraq. If "progress" was being made do you think country after country would be bailing out? This only shows that sheeple will do and believe whatever Rupe Murdoch and his "news" people tell them. Heaven help us.

The Coallition of the Defeated

Last weekend, Australian Labor leader Kevin Rudd defeated staunch Bush ally Prime Minister John Howard, handing the conservative party its “worst election defeat in its 63-year history” and ending 12 years of conservative rule. Howard “suffered the additional ignominy of losing his own constituency seat,” the first time since 1929 that an Australian prime minister has been voted out of parliament.

Howard’s fate is similar to the story of many other Bush-friendly world leaders. After joining Bush’s Coalition of the Willing in 2003, several countries’ leaders have been ousted from office. In fact, of the original 49 countries who joined the Coalition, the AP reports that roughly 20 remain, with several in the process of withdrawing troops.
The world recognizes that supporting Bush and his failed policies can be detrimental to your political health. Yet Rudy and Mitt and the rest of the Repignofascist candidates wanting to take Dumbya's seat in the White House want to be Bush II. Go for it you morons! Maybe Alfred E. Newman will finally win.

Enlarged Turkey

And we thought the United States was bad!

Kremlin Telling Russians How to Vote

MOSCOW - With the Kremlin determined to see a high turnout in Sunday's election, many Russians say they are being pressured to vote at work under the watchful eyes of their bosses or risk losing their jobs.

They say they also are being told to provide lists of relatives and friends who will vote for United Russia, the party of President Vladimir Putin.
It will be hilarious if someone in the Bush Abomination makes comments about this effort by the Kremlin to sway the way that Russians vote for Putin's party, especially if they are righteously indignant about it.

After all, it was the Southern Baptist Church that did this very same thing in the 2000 and 2004 election cycles with their "voters guides" that instructed their sheep on how to vote for Repignofascists. It was Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and James Dobson who took to the airwaves and told their faithful how to vote (for Repignofascists) and most recently it was the Catholic Church being exposed in the United States for telling their faithful how to vote here (for Repignofascists also).

Of course nothing will happen to the Bushies or their ilk if they comment about this horrible thing (as they will portray it) that the Kremlin is foisting on the Russian people. Still it will be fun to add one more growth spurt to the Pinocchio-like nose of the Bush Abomination.

Honk to Impeach

Monday, November 26, 2007

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

Good Riddance Denny

Congressman Dennis Hastert's resignation from the House of Representatives is effective at 11:59 pm this evening.

I wish I could remember the name of the group that sang "Oh Happy Day" back in the 60s. Regardless, Denny, don't let the door to your office hit you on your ass on the way out. Hasta lavista, baby.

The Best Drum Solo in the History of Humankind

Fire up a fat one and enjoy.

If He Only Had a Brain

WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President Dick Cheney, who has a history of heart problems, experienced an irregular heartbeat Monday and will be evaluated at George Washington University Hospital.
Gee, Dick, I hope nothing goes very wrong :D

I have the same heart affliction that Uncle Dick has and its unfortunately easily kept under control with medications. However we can always hope for the low end of the bell curve to take precedence.

I was watching nonstop coverage of Cheney heading off to GWU Hospital a few minutes ago while working out. One of the most disgusting pieces of video CNN showed was Cheney pinning some medal on a kid freshly back from Iraqnam. I was hoping against hope that once the medal was pinned on the kid would have said something like "Don't you feel the least bit guilty pinning a medal on me after you received five deferments to avoid service in Vietnam?" But, no, the kid probably wants to be a General some day so he can't tell the truth. It was still fun fantasizing.

Senator Trent Hairpiece (Repignofascist - Mississippi) Stepping Down Early

PASCAGOULA, Miss. - Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott, the Senate's No. 2 Republican, announced Monday he will retire before January, ending a 35-year career in Congress in which he rose to his party's top Senate job only to lose it over a remark interpreted as support for segregation.

"It's time for us to do something else," Lott said, speaking for himself and his wife Tricia at a news conference.
This is one of the most worthless bastards ever to serve in the Senate. The phrase "its time to do something different" is Washingtonese for "I see the handwriting on the walls. The Repignofascist dynasty we built under the mindless one has collapsed and we'll not be in a position to exert authoritarian rule over everyone so I'm outta here." Good riddance Senator Hairpiece, except that we can depend on the fools in Mississippi to provide us with another stupid Repignofascist as replacement troll. Does the name Governor Haley Barbour scare you as much as it scares me?

Give the Chimp A Lesson in Constitutional Law

The Center for Constitutional Rights (they must be a "liberal" group - they put the Constitution ahead of corporate greed) is providing the Chimp in Chief with copies of the United States Constitution. Its their hope that by sending him thousands of copies the idiot may take the basic foundation of this nation more seriously. I doubt he will. Afterall it was Chimpy who said in 2000 that the Constitution was "just a god-damned piece of paper."

To aid the efforts of the Center, just click here and use the link to have a copy sent to the Chimp in your name. I just did it and the effort was painless.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Neil Young Had Such a Great Idea

Do Nixon's Lies Then Remind You of Bush's Today?

Something Bush Will Never Understand

The Road to Shambala

Its time to fire up a fat one and take a trip back to 1973.

You Have to Like Ron Paul!!

Last month, during a Republican debate, Ron Paul was asked whether he promised to support the GOP nominee next year, no matter who emerges from the primary process. “Not right now I don’t,” Paul said, “not unless they’re willing to end the war and bring our troops home.”
Even though Ron Paul doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of earning the Repignofascist Party nomination for President, you have to admire him for his fortitude. Admitting that he will not support whomever the Repignofascists nominate in 2008 says alot about his character.

If I was forced under threat of arrest to have to vote for a Repig, Ron Paul would be it. In fact, with Al Gore not in the race and Dennis Kucinich having the same chance of the nomination on our side of the aisle as Ron Paul has on their side, if Paul miraculously became the nominee, he would be the first Repignofascist I have ever voted for since I cast my first vote in 1972.

How Denying Climate Change Brought Down a Conservative Politician

Conservative Prime Minister John Howard suffered a humiliating defeat Saturday at the hands of the left-leaning opposition, whose leader has promised to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.”

Why the stunning loss? A key reason was Howard’s “head in the sand dust” response to the country’s brutal once-in-a-thousand year drought. As the UK’s Independent reported in April:

… few scientists dispute the part played by climate change, which is making Australia hotter and drier….. Until a few months ago, Mr Howard and his ministers pooh-poohed the climate-change doomsayers.
Sweet!! It couldn't happen to a more deserving lower life form - well - except for Bush, Cheney, Michael Crichton, Rush Limbaugh, Senator Jim Inhofe......Come to think of it there are a bunch of them deserving of the same.

The Bush Administration Put to Music

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

How this stupid bastard can breathe and chew gum at the same time remains a mystery.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Dissection of American Pie

Box Tops for Education

My friend Laura recently turned me on to the Box Tops for Education program that has generated more than $200 million for schools since 1996.

There are tons of products, from pancake mix to toilet paper, that have box tops on the labels. If everyone cut them out and piled them up and gave them to someone with a kid it would really benefit individual schools. Schools get money through that and the money goes directly to the school- not the district. If people already have the box tops on products you use, why not save them and give them to a local school? I now save all of my box tops and give them to her to help her school. Why don't you do the same with a school near you?

Laura has a bumper sticker that reads: "It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber"... Women's international league for peace and freedom, 1979. Unfortunately that still is the case. Participating in Box Tops for Education is a great way to help your local school or schools and will likely go a long way to ensure that children really aren't left behind.

Do it.

Wave Of Violence Against Iraqi Women Undercuts Bush Lies About "Progress"

Achmed The Dead Terrorist

This is hilarious!

A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies. The Bush Legacy in Song

Bush Supporter John Howard Suffers "Humiliating" Defeat in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia - Conservative Prime Minister John Howard suffered a humiliating defeat Saturday at the hands of the left-leaning opposition, whose leader has promised to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and withdraw Australia's combat troops from Iraq.

Labor Party head Kevin Rudd's pledges on global warming and Iraq move Australia sharply away from policies that had made Howard one of President Bush's staunchest allies.
John Howard, the beligerent Bush supporting wanker Prime Minister of Australia along with his ruling conservative party took it in the shorts big time today in Australia, mate. Howard's greatest claim to fame was his undying support for Bush and his horribly failed policy in Iraqnam. It seemed that no matter what Bush supported, John Howard mimicked it down under. Now that undying support has come back to bite John on the arse.

While quaffing a pint of super excellent Victoria Bitter in a roadside bar in the mountains south of Brisbane in late October 2004, I asked two Aussies sitting with me why it was that Australia elected someone like John Howard. One of them said "Its just like with you stupid Yanks. You let a bunch of religious fanatics think they have power and you wound up with Bush. We did the same stupid thing in Australia."

Apparently Australia learned from their horrific mistake and they sent John and his conservative party deep into the Outback. Lets hope the United States has learned from its horrific mistake and it makes a huge course correction in just 49 more long weeks.

KKKarl von Rove and the Truth - Still Light Years Apart

Richard Perle - Iraqnam Architect - Continues to Deny Reality

This disgusting waste of protoplasm should put on a uniform and catch a C-5 transport from Andrews AFB this afternoon. Actually given his support for the illegal invasion I'm surprised Perle wasn't the first man off the plane when the invasion began.

Before the war, Perle advocated simply bombing and leaving Iraq. “We do not have to go into Baghdad,” he said in Oct. 2002 on NBC. “We do not have to engage in door-to-door, street-to-street fighting.”

But once the war began, Perle specifically endorsed the Paul Bremer-led occupation of Iraq. And repeatedly claimed it was producing good results. Appearing on Fox News on April 7, 2004, Perle said, “We’re making so much progress with most Iraqis that those who feel threatened by the progress are more devoted and more energetic than ever to try to destroy the progress we’re making.”

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dumbya's Coallition of the Willing Just Became Less Willing

Warsaw - Poland will withdraw all its troops from Iraq by the end of 2008, new Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in his first address to the Polish parliament on Friday.
Beautiful. Another hearty fuck you to the Chimp and his war of terrorism.

Watch Gitmo Al Gonzales at the University of Florida

The sad thing is the stupid bastard probably didn't even notice the protesters there.

Japanese Shift Cash Out of US Investments

Friends predicted this debacle a while ago. Eventually the superpower called the United States will be gone, faded into a mere strong-hold nation like England or France. And Cnina will be the superpower. Just wait....

This revelation comes on the heels of recent discovery that OPEC and others no longer want to use the US dollar for selling and buying oil. Then there's the totally lop-sided exchange rate of the pound sterling to the dollar and the euro to the dollar. And lets not forget the Canadian dollar being on par or more valuable than the US dollar - the first time since the 60s. And last but not least there was the story last week about people in India no longer willing to accept the US dollar.

And all of this has happened in the Bush Abomination. Hmmmmmm yet Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Go figure.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

For That Difficult-to-Shop-For Bush Hater on Your Christmas List

A great holiday gift, even if not legal tender.

"On the silver coin, the fine inner rings on each side, the text within the back side inner ring at top, and the stars are in polished sterling silver."

Remember, the BuzzFlash price includes free shipping and handling.

(The actual coin is slightly different than the artwork. The relief of Bush's face on the front side is a 3-dimensional bas-relief silver finish, for instance, not a photographic image.)

Complete Coin Description from Topple Bush:

Each coin measures 1-3/4" in diameter.

Each coin comes in its own soft clear plastic envelope. Every coin is lightly laquered to prevent tarnishing.

Coin colors are soft enamel paint - the main coin color is a medium navy blue
Metal information is as follows: The base metal is brass, polished silver is real .925 silver.

Polished finish: This is the finish we use on our "Worst President Ever" coin because it gives the entire coin surface a mirror like finish similar to a proof currency coin. This is the most common finish used for commemorative and award coins. Polished finishes are also the most durable.

Each coin has light granulating on front around Bush's face to make his 3-D face really stand out.

Each coin shows the Bush face in 3-D polished silver - the other coin details are in raised enamel-painted metal.

Each coin weighs almost 37 grams (28 grams = one ounce). These coins are therefore substantial in size and weight. We guarantee the quality of these coins will impress you.

Raised text on the front side of each coin is: George W. Bush, Worst President Ever 2001-2009, In Oil We Lust, and 1984. Raised text on the back side is: Bushwhacked States of America, One Neocoin, and G. Puerilebush Ubum.

"The George W. Bush "Worst President Ever" coin looks and feels like a real coin but is much prettier, more substantial, and more brutally honest than legal tender. It is destined to become a cherished political collectible for all of us who want to remember the Bush presidency as the worse one ever

Faux Attacks: Iran

60 Percent of Foreign Militants in Iraqnam Come From US Allies

Around 60% of all foreign militants who entered Iraq to fight over the past year came from Saudi Arabia and Libya, according to files seized by American forces at a desert camp.
The files listed the nationalities and biographical details of more than 700 fighters who crossed into Iraq from August last year, around half of whom came to the country to be suicide bombers, the New York Times reported today.

In all, 305, or 41%, of the fighters listed were from Saudi Arabia. Another 137, or 18%, came from Libya. Both countries are officially US allies in anti-terrorism efforts.
Heckuva job, Dumbya. Heckuva job. You're certainly bringing stability and democracy to the Middle East aren't you?

Only The Onion Will Dig This Deep Into an Issue

The Onion

Loss Of Virginity More Humiliating Than Original Virginity

COLUMBUS, OH—The shame, humiliation, and ridicule local teen Brandon Means suffered from being the only member of his peer group still...

China Denies American War Ships Access to Hong Kong

HONG KONG (Reuters) - China blocked a long-planned Thanksgiving visit to Hong Kong by a U.S. aircraft carrier group, then abruptly changed its mind on Thursday.

But it was too late to save the holiday visit. A U.S. official said the trip has since been scrapped and the ships continued steaming to their Japanese base.

The USS Kitty Hawk group and its 8,000 airmen and sailors were expected in Hong Kong on Wednesday, but the U.S. State Department said the visit had been refused by China
Good on ya, China. More countries need to tell the imperialist government of George Bush to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. He'll never get the hint but its still good that it happens.

I wonder if this incident means that Bill O'Lielly and the rest of the asswipes in the Reichwing Noise Machine will start calling for an economic boycott of China like they did when France told Bush to suck eggs over the illegal invasion of Iraqnam? Maybe the Noise Machine will start pushing Chimpy to bomb and invade China. He's stupid enough to listen to them.

The Most Important Thing to Be Thankful For Today

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Repignofascists Gather Signatures to Change Voting - But Tell People Its to Save Kids With Cancer

The latest from the Family Values Party.

NYC Fire Chief - Gulliani Was Coward on 9/11

Almost everyone knows he's a coward. Its just reassurring to see someone provide evidence.

Of course the Reichwing noise machine will be destroying this man's credibility by this time tomorrow, but its still nice to see a Repig get smeared with the truth.

Oil Hits $99 a Barrel as Dollar Sinks Lower

SEOUL, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Oil soared to record highs on Wednesday, drawing within a hair's breadth of the $100 milestone as the U.S. dollar plumbed new lows and the onset of cold U.S. weather stirred anxiety over winter supplies.

U.S. light crude for January delivery surged to a record of $99.29 a barrel early in the session, but pared those gains to stand 61 cents higher at $98.64 by 0706 GMT.
I wonder if this means that Bush will now land on the deck of an oil tanker and unfurl a banner that reads "Mission Accomplished"?

Are all you idiots who voted for Bush in 2000 or 2004 or both still happy with your vote?

Bush Wants Signing Bonuses Back from Wounded Soldiers Who Couldn't Complete Their Committment

The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments. To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases.
Can you believe the gall of these sons-of-bitches?

I wonder when that sanctimonious ass John Bohner (Repignofascist-Ohio) will stand up at the podium in the well and cry fake tears about this?

Not long after the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraqnam, the Bush Administration was charging wounded soldiers for their meals served in military hospitals. That foolishness ended when Congressman David Obey (D-Wisconsin) went ballistic on the Bushies and pounded some sense into them.

Whats really ironic is that the GS-15, SES, and Schedule C employees in the Bush Administration who dream up this foolishness will all be receiving, and keeping, their performance bonuses this year. All that while kids being shot and wounded for Bush's lies have to give their bonus back.

Wake up sheeple.

How Bush "Supports the Troops" - Another Example

WASHINGTON, Illinois (CNN) -- Ty Ziegel peers from beneath his Marine Corps baseball cap, his once boyish face burned beyond recognition by a suicide bomber's attack in Iraq just three days before Christmas 2004.

Ty Ziegel, a Marine, was badly wounded in Iraq. He battled the VA over disability benefits when he returned.

He lost part of his skull in the blast and part of his brain was damaged. Half of his left arm was amputated and some of the fingers were blown off his right hand.

Ziegel, a 25-year-old Marine sergeant, knew the dangers of war when he was deployed for his second tour in Iraq.

But he didn't expect a new battle when he returned home as a wounded warrior: a fight with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"Sometimes, you get lost in the system," he told CNN. "I feel like a Social Security number. I don't feel like Tyler Ziegel."

His story is one example of how medical advances in the battlefield have outpaced the home front. Many wounded veterans return home feeling that the VA system, specifically its 62-year-old disability ratings system, has failed them.

The next time you hear Bush or any of the other creeps in the Repignofascist party talk about how much they "support the troops" throw a rock at the bastards.

Bush: "Musharaff Believes in Democracy"

This story shows beyond any shadow of any doubt, just how far removed from reality the man-child in the White House really has become.

"Can You Quote Us So Not Giving A Shit?

That was FOX's classy response to the half a million viewers who saw Robert Greenwald's FOX Attacks: Decency video.

This is an email from Robert Greenwald reprinted verbatim for all to digest. Classy bunch those "christian" tyrants who watch Faux Opinion Network.

Looks like we got to FOX this time, and it wasn't a debate about policy in Iran that did it, or a video displaying their racism, or even our coverage of their abject hypocrisy on environmental issues.

No, what got the attack dogs at FOX hungry and looking for flesh was none other than an exposé of their smut peddling! It makes sense in a way, because advertisers tend not to like their products being promoted between segments of soft porn. And a large part of their conservative base hates this as well, which might be why one Christian organization compared the way women were dressed on FOX to the manner in which "hookers" are attired.

So what did we do?

With the News Hounds help, we found enough FOX lasciviousness for a whole porn site!!

Really, we did. And it wasn't that hard to do. In fact, if you thought FOX Attacks: Decency was a glimpse into the lustful thoughts of your favorite FOX anchor, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Watch the video:

Satire and parody aside, we think this is extremely objectionable, misogynistic content. We still don't understand how FOX is allowed to call this "news." So let's make this campaign count, and hit FOX where it hurts -- their Fair and Balance Sheet.

Many of you have been helping to create a massive database of local FOX advertisers. Now it's time to start calling them. Pick one or two to call and ask them to please not advertise on a channel that shows Girls Gone Wild during prime time, and exploits women 24/7. Let them know in very personal terms why this matters to you.

Click for a list of FOX advertisers near you:

And please let us know how it goes! When you click on the 'call' or 'email' advertiser link, you'll get an example script, and a form where you can describe what happened. Fill it out so we can all share information on how advertisers are reacting to the campaign. Plus, others will be inspired to act and we can keep the pressure on these merchants of immorality. Be creative make it personal and express how you feel.

Robert Greenwald, Cliff Schecter, and the Brave New Films team.

P.S. It's getting close to gift-giving time, so we've put together a special edition DVD of Outfoxed with all the FOX Attacks videos and other bonus features. The perfect stocking stuffer for that special conservative in your life. Get one for $12.95 or a 5 pack for $50.

Fox Porn

And this from the family values channel of the family values party.

A Happy Thanksgiving From Two Peckerheads

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scott McClellan - The Next Target of the Reichwing Smear Machine

WASHINGTON - Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan blames President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for efforts to mislead the public about the role of White House aides in leaking the identity of a CIA operative.

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, McClellan recounts the 2003 news conference in which he told reporters that aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby were "not involved" in the leak involving operative Valerie Plame.

"There was one problem. It was not true," McClellan writes, according to a brief excerpt released Tuesday. "I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff and the president himself."
Its encouraging to see that Scott McClellan may have some integrity afterall. He must know that by coming out and telling the truth about the Chimp and Cheney and their various deceptions and lies (how can he keep them all straight?) he's going to be the focus of the Reichwing Smear Machine.

Rush Limbaugh must be cranking up his hate message, perhaps in consultation with Michael Savage and Sham Hannity. It should be interesting watching the Repignofascists attack and savage one of their own. It almost makes me feel sorry for Scotty. Almost.

Tony Scalia and the Supremes to Hear DC Gun Ban Case

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will decide whether the District of Columbia can ban handguns, a case that could produce the most in-depth examination of the constitutional right to "keep and bear arms" in nearly 70 years.

The justices' decision to hear the case could make the divisive debate over guns an issue in the 2008 presidential and congressional elections.

The government of Washington, D.C., is asking the court to uphold its 31-year ban on handgun ownership in the face of a federal appeals court ruling that struck down the ban as incompatible with the Second Amendment. Tuesday's announcement was widely expected, especially after both the District and the man who challenged the handgun ban asked for the high court review.
This is great news. Perhaps Tony Scalia and the Supremes will check the dictionary before hearing this case where they should learn that the words in the Constitution "a well armed milita shall be maintained" mean that we should maintain the National Guard. It doesn't mean that every drug dealer downtown on the corner of 14th and K Street has a right to pack a AK-47 - something the National Rifle Association considers a "sporting rifle."

Of course this is the same Supremes who annointed us with Bush and those who are new to the court were put there by Bush. Chances are this case will result in the Supremes dicatating that all newborns in the United States are required to have a gun in their grasp at the moment of birth. But we can hope they determine that the words in the Constitution are what they actually say.

No doubt the National Rifle Association will be lobbying Tony with huge amounts of money. But there's still a chance.

Finding Cheap Airfare

In his super smash hit song "Boat Drinks" Jimmy Buffett sings the words:

"Lately, newspaper mention cheap airfare,
I've got to fly to St. Somewhere...."

Well, if you're having trouble finding a cheap flight to St. Somewhere maybe these websites can help you.

Airfare Watchdog - for last minute fare bargains

Farecast - for predictions of future fares

Farecompare - for email alerts on price drops

Neil Diamond Reveals Inspiration for "Sweet Caroline"

In a bit of breaking news befitting CNN Headline News, USA Today, the Fox Opinion Network and other liberal media, singer Neil Diamond has revealed who the inspiration was for his smash hit "Sweet Caroline."

Neil Diamond held onto the secret for decades, but he has finally revealed that President Kennedy's daughter was the inspiration for his smash hit "Sweet Caroline."...

..."It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony," Diamond recalled. "It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there."
Thats all nice and sweet but when you read the lyrics to the song a few questions immediately pop up.

For instance, when Neil Diamon wrote these words about a 10 year old girl:
Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Oh, sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good
I've been inclined to believe it never would
you have to wonder if he had a touch of pedophilia going on. Why else would he say things like that about a little girl?

I guess being the father of daughters you think about these things more.

Bad Neil, bad.

Kucinich at the Global Warming Debate

Dennis Kucinich is the only presidential candidate on either side of the aisle who gets it. Its so unfortunate that he has the same first name as Dennis the Menace, the "person" he looks like, and that makes him unelectable and not taken seriously.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Latest Scandal to Hit the God Squad

DECATUR, Ga. - The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother's wife and fathered a child by her.

Members of Archbishop Earl Paulk's family stood at the pulpit of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church a few Sundays ago and revealed the secret exposed by a recent court-ordered paternity test.
It just never ends with these people. Never!! And isn't it so beautiful? The same people who preach to their faithful about how they'll go to hell in a handbasket if they step out of line are out there stepping out of line faster than those they allege to want to "save."

On a positive note, at least this 80 year old will be able to go to his grave knowing that despite his age he could have never been charged with assault with a dead weapon.

Gotta love it!

Do Something Positive For Someone Else Today

If you're looking for something positive to do today and every day, go to this site each morning.

Once in the site click on each of the tabs across the top of the page. Each time you do, the sponsors of the site make a contribution to each of the causes outlined in the tabs.

My friend Laura turned me on to this and its something that everyone who cares more about others than themselves should do. Its quick, simple, and it might make a difference. That's what being liberal is all about, isn't it? Make a difference. Start today.

Why Its Great To Be a Liberal

Doing Your Part to Conserve America's Migratory Bird Population

Some estimates are that house cats (Felis domesticus) kill upwards of 22 million birds in the United States each year. Granted habitat destruction takes out the habitat for many more birds than that, however stopping habitat destruction isn't politically correct.

Doing something about Morris is. Go to this extremely helpful and informative website to learn what you can do to keep the burgeoning population of Morris under control and help North America's nesting birds in the process.

Iraqnam Bomb Kills 20 As US Claims Violence is Down

BAGHDAD, Nov. 18 -- U.S. officials on Sunday declared a 55 percent drop in attacks since the launch of an offensive nine months ago, while bombs across Iraq killed at least 20 people, highlighting the country's continuing security threats.

The dead included three children who were playing soccer when a roadside bomb exploded at a playground near Baqubah, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.
Isn't this special? The Bushies blow smoke up the Cheney of the public about how their policies are working in Iraqnam just as another bomb explodes killing 20 more innocent Iraqi's.

At least if we watched the Fox Opinion Network we could learn more about the semi truck that exploded on a Dallas freeway on Friday.

Wake up sheeple.