Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brits to Remove Troops from Iraqnam Regardless of The Chimp

Hail Britania!!!

This story from tomorrow's Belfast Telegraph (which is really today there but we wont get into that) transmits one of the first good pieces of news to come out of the new Prime Minister Mr. Brown.
Gordon Brown has paved the way for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq by telling George Bush he would not delay their exit in order to show unity with the United States.

After four hours of one-to-one talks with the US President at his Camp David retreat, Mr Brown told a joint press conference he would make a Commons statement in October on the future of the 5,500 British troops in the Basra region.

The Bush administration, under mounting domestic pressure to produce an exit strategy from Iraq, has been nervous that a full British withdrawal would add to the criticism. But Mr Brown made clear - and President Bush accepted - that Britain would go its own way, even if that gave the impression the two countries were diverging

Perhaps, with luck, Gordo wont be Bush's poodle afterall. I'll bet the Chimp misses Tony about now.

And who will be left in the coalition of the willing? Is Palau still there? What about Poland? Does Morocco still want to send monkeys? Its rapidly starting to look like the Chimp is the only willing one left, and he's obviously too stupid to realize he's alone.

Rudy Guliani Has Upset the Wrong Person Now

Rudy hasn't figured out that when Michael Moore says he's a Michigan Wolverine, he's not talking about the football team...he's talking about a real live freaking Wolverine (Gulo luscus).

Rudy, please prepare to hand your ass to Mr. Moore. We will all be anxiously watching.

UPS Writes Back!

After hearing the good news about UPS having a progressive view of gay people in civil unions, I emailed them to commend them for doing the right thing. This is what I said to UPS
Dear UPS

I just put this message on my blog

I really appreciate what you have done here and you have just become my preferred shipper for all things large and small. Thank you for having a social conscience and for putting human needs above the screaming of the Republic Party

A few minutes ago I received the following response from Kellie Long at UPS.
Good on ya, UPS!

Discussion Thread
Response (Kellie Long) 07/31/2007 09:03 PM

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your e-mail. On July 30, UPS announced that the company will extend health care benefits to civil union partners of our Teamster-represented employees in New Jersey.

Management and administrative employees of UPS (not covered under collectively bargained union plans) already have such benefits. However, the company cannot unilaterally extend benefits to union-represented employees except in states that recognize civil union partners as married spouses.

After discussions with and input from New Jersey state officials, it is clear that the state intends to view civil union partners as married.

UPS intends to address the issue of same-sex civil union partner benefits for all its hourly workers, no matter where they reside, during collective bargaining negotiations. Talks are under way now for an agreement that will replace the current UPS-Teamster contract which expires Aug. 1, 2008.

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

Kellie Long
UPS Customer Service

Now, when you ship packages, if there is a choice, send your package(s) with UPS. Its the least we can do to repay them for having a social conscience.

My Long Distance Carrier Making a Difference

I use Working Assets for my long distance (land line) carrier because they are a progressive company working to make a difference. In my mail today I received my most recent bill (at 2.1 cents per minute who can go wrong?)and it contained this "headline" reprinted verbatim here
Working Assets Fuels Iraq Summer
An alliance of groups working to end the war in Iraq is turning up the heat on 40 members of Congress who refuse to agree to a timeline for withdrawal. The alliance, "Americans Against Escalation in Iraq" will deploy activists in 15 states to pressure the 40 legislators to drop their support for the war. The activists will coordinate their efforts via wireless service suppled by Working Assets. The goal of the campaign, dubbed Iraq Summer, is to isolate President Bush and force him to bring our troops home. In addition to Working Assets, Americans Against Escalation includes MoveOn.org, Center for American Progress, Campaign for America's Future and many other organizations. To learn more click here

Go to this link to learn more about Working Assets. Sign up and enjoy giving money to a company that applies its social conscience to every move it makes (not to be confused with a song by the Police with a similar name).

Democracy Corps and James Carvelle

Dear Democracy Corps

I read the interesting news about a Democracy Corps analysis showing that Democrats stand to kick some serious ass in the 2008 election. I was excited about that information until I saw that you have James Carvelle as one of your honchos.

After his disgraceful attack on Howard Dean after the massive 2006 election who in their right mind wants to listen to that cajun asshole? He is all about Jim and he's all about the Clintons. Remember it was James Carvelle who, along with his repuslive wife Mary, held a fund raiser in his home to support the legal defense fund for Scooter Libby.

If you want Democrats and Progressives to take Democracy Corps seriously, jettison that repulsive piece of flesh from Louisiana. And since Paul Begala is a Clintonite, kick his ass out also. Maybe then someone will take you seriously.

House Dems Holding "Landslide Leads" In Run Up to 2008 Election

This fantastic news is posted from the Huffington Post!! There may actually be a god afterall. And with Al Gore running for the White House it will be a momentous landslide indeed.

Despite growing disapproval of Congress, Democratic House candidates -- both incumbents and challengers -- are steadily gaining ground for a 2008 election likely to be a repeat of 2006, according to two surveys (here and here) by Democracy Corps.

The surveys dispute the hardening conventional wisdom that the failure of Democrats to force the start of withdrawal from Iraq has turned voters against both parties. The notion that the public sees Democrats and Republicans as "equal offenders...completely misreads the current moment," according to Democracy Corps.

Instead, the authors of an accompanying memo -- Stan Greenberg, James Carville and Ana Iparraguirre -- contend that "Democrats are maintaining stable and nearly landslide leads in both the race for President as measured by generic performance (51-41) and the named ballot for Congress (52-42 percent)."

In a targeted survey of the 70 congressional districts most likely to be competitive in 2008 (half with Democratic incumbents, the other half with Republicans in office), Democracy Corps found that Democratic incumbents hold a solid 52-40 lead on average. In contrast, the Republicans are in trouble: when voters are asked whom they would choose between the named GOP incumbent and an unnamed (generic) Democrat, the Republicans are behind on average 44-49.

Posted by Thomas B. Edsall

Home Depot Dumps Bill O'Lielly

Damn, what a day!!!

First we learn that UPS is covering the health care needs of partners in a civil union and now we learn that Home Depot has stopped advertising on hate-monger Bill O'Lielly's show!!

There may be a "god" afterall!

High Fives All Around for United Parcel Service (UPS)

In a day filled with otherwise depressing news about the latest assault on the Constitution by the Republic Party, here is one story that will make every Progressive smile.

Tom Walton and his same-sex partner of 15 years, Mearmon Davis, got back from shopping a little past noon yesterday and saw the UPS overnight letter under the doormat of their East Brunswick home.

Walton, a driver for UPS, opened it and read the news he had been hoping for since Memorial Day weekend, when he and Davis formed a civil union.

"I would be able to add Mearmon as my spouse" under the UPS health benefits plan, Walton said.

The company had reversed its earlier position that its union contract, which provides health benefits for "spouses" of employees -- including gay couples married in Massachusetts -- did not permit it to unilaterally extend coverage to same-sex partners in New Jersey civil unions.

Good on ya UPS!!! They just became my most preferred carrier for sending packages and they will stay that way until FedEx follows suit.

Who gives a rats Cheney what someone's sexual orientation or preference is? We are all human beings and we all have the same needs societal and otherwise. UPS recognizing the validity of a gay couple's civil union and passing on much-needed health care coverage for those of the union says alot about the social conscience of UPS.

Now, if we could just get universal health care in the United States so everyone is covered,there would be no bitching about who can or cannot be covered by a most basic human need when a civil union is involved.

You can email UPS at this address where you can thank them for having a social conscience and for putting human need ahead of corporate greed.

Senator Ted Stevens Appears to be in More Hot Water

Things just seem to be going great for truth seekers in Alaska now that the FBI has again visited Senator Ted's home and are now looking into the distribution funds from an earmark that just happened to result in $500,000 going into the hands of a buddy of Stevens' son Ben.

The Alaska Daily News has more to report than the Washington Post did.

I wonder if Senator Ted has been fantasizing about what it sounds like when a prison cell door slams shut behind him. With luck he'll find out soon.

Wall Street Journal to Become Faux News in Print

The Republic Party's stranglehold on truth in the media just became stronger today with the announcement that Faux News owner Rupert Murdoch is purchasing the Wall Street Journal.

We can thank the Republic Party members of the Congress for steadfastly supporting legislation that ensures virtually no restrictions on the ownership of media outlets in the nation. Clear Channel, an avowed Reich wing mouthpiece owns more than 1,000 radio stations in the country. Not surprisingly many of them carry Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage and other hate speech mongers.

Now, with no way to block the sale of the Wall Street Journal by claiming it is not in the best interests of the public, Murdoch adds another outlet to his kingdom. Not many people outside of the New York area read his worthless "New York Post" but now with him calling the shots on the world-wide distributed Wall Street Journal, Murdoch's brand of venom will spread further around the globe. I only wonder if he'll name Roger Ailes to be the editor of the WSJ, ensuring that the voice of the wing nut branch of the Republic Party is heard over and over and over each and every day.

Wake up Sheeple. The nuts are now running the asylum and we are paying the price.

A Bullshit Bush Speech in South Carolina

This message was sent out today to Democrats in South Carolina. It gives a great analysis of Dumbo's speech in Charleston last week orchestrated by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). By the way, now that Rick Santorum and George Macaca Allen are no longer in the senate, I think Lindsey wins the award, hands down, for being the most obviously closeted memeber of the Senate. And with Jeff Gannon no longer (to our knowledge) hanging out in the White House on a regular basis, my bet is on Lindsey Graham to be the most likely candidate to be caught with Dumbya's psuedopod in his mouth. What do you think?

The Chimps Speech

Last week, in a coordinated attempt to bump the Democratic Presidential debate from the headlines, Senator Lindsay Graham invited our Misleader-In-Chief to South Carolina for a speech and staged photo op on a military base in Charleston. Wow, so original... I've never seen that before.

I listened to his speech on the radio and was instantly reminded of the drumbeat to war in 2002. In dozens of speeches, "Iraq", "Saddam", and "September 11th" were used so repeatedly and interchangeably that by the time we went to war in 2003, more than half of the country believed that Iraq was directly involved in the attacks on 9-11. The RNC's Fox News Channel's viewers were even more brainwashed... a full 80% of these deceived Americans believed Iraq had a hand in the attacks.

With the war dragging on longer than our involvement in World War II and the American people solidly aware that we have inserted ourselves into a sectarian civil war that dates back 1200 years, the Rove-Cheney propaganda speechmakers have inserted the key into the back of their puppet president and are trying to do it again. The mainstream media is getting sucked in again... repeating administration talking-points and misleading the American people about Democratic efforts to end this war. The House of Representatives has voted REPEATEDLY to put a timeline for withdrawal in place, while the Senate is stuck in the mud, as Republican loyalists to Bush's failed policy have repeatedly used the FILIBUSTER to prevent an up or down vote. (These are the same hypocrites that pontificated ad-nauseam last year about Democratic use of this maneuver to block judicial nominations that were out of the mainstream. Now, the same tool they decried is being used to thwart the will of the people to end this bloody conflict.)

Please take a moment and read this "modified" version of the Presidents speech. I'm sickened that the President would come to my home state and slap us in the face with this transparent attempt to treat us as fools. Forward to your friends and let us all be reminded that 85% of the violence in Iraq is home-grown, sectarian, and NOT Al Qaeda. That figure is courtesy of a U.S. Military Intelligence report released this month!

The full text of the speech via this link, but I invite you to take a look at the speech as the propaganda experts in the White House hope you absorb it. Will we be played for fools once again?


The President: ----- --- ---. ------ -- ------. ----- ---, -------.
------ --- --- ----------- --- ---- ------------. -'- ----- -- -- ----
--- --- --- ----- -- --- --- -----, --- ----, --- -------, --- ----
--- --- ----- -----. ------ --- -------. ------ --- ------- ---
------- -- --- ------ ------ -- -------.

- ---------- --- ---------- -------- -- ---- -----, ----- -----.
------ --- ------, --------. -'- ----- -- -- ---- ---- --- ------- --
--- ----- -- --------------- --- ----- --------, ----- --------------
----- -------. --. -------, ------ --- ------..

.----- --- ------- -- September 11th, 2001, --- ------ -- ----
---------- ---- -------- ------ --- ----- -- ------- -- --- --- --
------. ------ --- ---------- -- -----------, --- ----- ---- ----
---------- ---- -------- -- ------- -- --------- ------ --- -------
--------, --- ---- --- ---------- -- -- ------- ------.

---- ---------- -- ------- - ------- ---- -- Iraq. ----- --- -----
---- --- ---- ---------- -------- ---- -- ----- -------- --- ---
------ -- --- ----- -----. ---- ------- --- ------ ----- --- ---'--
-------- -------- -- ---- -------. ----- ------ -- ---- ---------- ---
---- ----- -- - ----- ------ -- --------------. --- ------- --
-------- --- ---- ------- -- --- ----- -- -------. --- ---- ------- --

------ --- ----- ----- --- 9/11 -------, ------- ------- - ------ --
---. --- --------- ------- ---- -------- -- ---- --- -- ---------- --
------ --- ------- -----, --- -- ---- -- ---------- -- --- ----- --
---- ----. - --- ------ -- September 11th -- ---- --- ---- --- --
------- ------- -- -- -- -- --- -------, -- ----- --- ----------
-------- -- -- ---'- ---- -- ---- ---- ---- -- ----. --- ---- --
------- ---- --- --- --- ----- -- ------- --- ----- ------ --- -----.

--- --- ------- -- ---- ------ --- -- Iraq. --- ------ --- -------
------- -- ---- -------. ----'-- -------- -------- -------, --- --
----- -- ---- -------- -- Iraq ---- al Qaeda. ---- ---- -------
------- ---- ------- -------; ---- ------ -------- -------- --- ----
------ -------- ------. ---- ---- -- ----- ---- Iraq'- --------- --
---- --- --- ---- ------ -- - --------- ---- ----- --- ------- -------
--- -------. -- --- ------ --- -------- ------ ---- ------ -- -------
Iraq-- --- ----- --- - ------ -- -----, --- ---- -- --- --- --------
-- Iraq --- --- ------ -- -------- --------.

-----'- - ------ -- ---------- ----- Iraq, --- ------- ----- ---- -
------- ------. -----'- ---- - ------ ----- al Qaeda- ---- -- Iraq.
---- --- ---- Iraq -- --- ---- -- --- ------- --- -- ------. ----
-------- ---- - --- ---- --- al Qaeda ---------- -- ---- -- Iraq ---
---- -- --- ---- ----- ---- -------- -- -- September 11th, 2001. ----
----- ---- --- ------------ ------ al Qaeda -- Iraq -- -- Iraq-
----------, ---- --'- ----------- -- Osama bin Laden--- ---- --'- ---
---------- -- --------- -------.

--------- ------ -. ----, ------ -- ----- -------- ------- -------
------, ------- -- ---- -------- --------- ------- ----- -------
---------- ------ - ---- -------- -------, ---- --, ----, ------ -
----- -- ---------- --- -- ----------, -.-. ----- ----- ----- -- ----
------ ---- ----- -- ---- -- Osama bin Laden. --'- ---------- ---- ---
"----- ----- --- -- ------ -- Iraq." Osama bin Laden----, "--- --- --
--- --- -- --- -- -- ---. -- -- --- --, -- ----- ---- ------ ---
-------- -------." - --- ---- ----- ---- -- - --- ------ -- Iraq ---
-- ---- -- --- ------ -- al Qaeda. (--------.)

----- - ---- -------- --- --------- -- ----- --- --- ---- al Qaeda ---
al Qaeda -- Iraq --- -------- --------. - ---- ------- --- ---- ---
---- ---- -- --- ---- --------- ------- -- --- --- ---- --- ---------
-- --- -------.

- ---- ----- -- ----- -- ---- ---- ----- -----: al Qaeda -- Iraq ---
------- -- - --------- ---------, --- -- Iraq-. --- ---- --- --- -----
-- -------. ------ 9/11, -- --- - --------- ---- -- -----------. --
--- --- --- - ------ -- al Qaeda, --- --- ------------ ---------
------- ---- -- --- ------------ --------- ---- ------ al Qaeda
-------, ---- -- --- --- ---- Osama bin Laden--- --- ----- ------,

-- 2001, --------- ------ --------- -------'- ------ -------- ----,
--- -- ---- --- ------- --- -- ---- -- Iraq, ----- -- --- --
---------- ---- --------- ---------- ---- ------ --- ------- --
--------- ------. -- --- -------- --- ----------- --------- ------'-
----, ------- --- ---- -- ------ ------------ --- ----, -----, ---
--------- -- --- ---------. -- ----, ------- --- --- --------- -----
-------- ------ al Qaeda, ------- ---------- -- Osama bin Laden, ---
-- -------- -- "------ --- ------ -- -----."

---- -----, --- ----- -------- -------- ---- ------- --- --- "------
-- al Qaeda -- Iraq" -- --- ---------- ---------- -- Iraq -- "------
-- --- --- ---- ---." --'- ---- -- ----- ---- al Qaeda -- Iraq --
-------- ---- --- -----'- al Qaeda, ---- --- ------ -- al Qaeda --
Iraq ---- -- ---- -- ---------- -- Osama bin Laden.

--------- -- --- ------------ ---------, --- ----------- ----- ------
---- al Qaeda -- Iraq -- ----- -- "-------- ----- --------- --------
--- ----------." --- ------ ---- ---- al Qaeda- ------ ---------- --
----- -- "- -------- -- Iraq -- ------ --- ---------- -------- ... --
---- -------- ---------- ... --- -- ---- --- ---------- -- --- -----
-- Iraq -- ------- ------ -------- ------- ---------." --- ------
------- al Qaeda --- --- Iraq- --------- -- -- -------- -- ------- --
--- ---- -- --- --- ------ -------- -- --- ----- -- -- ----- -----.

--------- ------ -. ---- --------- --- ------- -- -------- ---------
--- ----- ------ -------, -------- ---- --- ----- -------, -- -
-------- -------, ---- --, ----, ------ --- ---------'- ----- --
---------- --- -- ----------, -.-. ----- ----- ----- -- ---- ------
------- --- ------ -- -.-. ------ -- ---- ----. -- --- -------- --
------- --------- -- -- -------- ----- --- ----- --------. --- ---- --
--- al Qaeda ------ ---------- --- ---- --- ------------. -- ---
------------ ---- -------- --- ---- ---- --- -------. --- ------ 9/11,
-- ----- ---- ---- al Qaeda -- ----------- ----- -- ------ -------
-------------- ------ -- al Qaeda- ------- --------.

----- --- ----- ---- ---- al Qaeda- Iraq- ---------- ---- ----, Osama
bin Laden---- - --------- ------ ----- --- ------- -- Iraq- -- ----
---. --------- -- --- ------------ ---------, ---- --- --- - ------
------- -- --- -----, --- ------ -- --- --- --------- -- -----------.
--- ------- ----- ---- -- -- Iraq. -- --- --------, --- --- --------
----------- -- --- -.-. ----- ---- -- ---------- ---. --- ---- ----
--- ----- ------ ------- --- -- --- ---- ------ ---------- -- Iraq
----- --- ---------- -- ------ -- ------- -- al Qaeda- Iraq-

--------- -- --- ------------ ---------, ---- -- al Qaeda -- Iraq'-
----- ------ ------- --- ---- ------- ----------. ---- ------- -
------ --- -- al Qaeda -- Iraq'- ---- -- -------, - ----- --- -- al
Qaeda -- Iraq'- --- --------- --- ----- -------, -- -------- ---
------ -- ----------- -- --- 1990- --- --- --- --- ---- Osama bin
Laden, - -------- --- -- ------- ----- - --- ---- -- -------- -------
--------. ---- ----- -- Iraq, -- ------ - ------ al Qaeda -----------
----- ------ ------, - ------- -------- --- ------ ---- al Qaeda --
-----------, --- --- ---- --------- --- 11-- ---------- ------ ------
--------, --- ----- ------ al Qaeda -------.

- --- ----- ---, -- -------- - ------ al Qaeda -- Iraq ------ -----
---------. ---, ---- --------- -- -- Iraq-. -- ----, -- --- ---
------- ------- Iraq- -- --- ------------. ----'- ---- -- ----, ----'-
---- -- ---- --: --- ------- ------- -- al Qaeda -- Iraq ---- --
------------- ------- -- ------- --- ------- ---- al Qaeda -- Iraq --
-- Iraq----- ---------. -- ---- al Qaeda ---- ------- - ----------
---- ---- ----- ---- -----------. --- ------- --- -- ---- Iraq-
-------- ------- ---- ---- --------- --- ------ -- -- Iraq- ------- --
- ---------. --- ---- -- -------, --------- -------- ---- -----------
-- ---- -- -----. -- --------- --- ------------ ---- ---------- --- --
--- --- -------- -- al Qaeda -- Iraq -- ---- --- --- ------- -- ---
---- ------- ------- ---- ---- -- --- ----------- ---------, ---

------- ---------- ---- ------- --- ---- -- --- ------- -------- --
Iraq. --- -------- --------- ---- ------- -- --- -- ------- -- -------
------- -- Iraq --- ------- --- -- ------------ al Qaeda ----------.
--'- ---- ---- ----- ---- -- al Qaeda -- Iraq'- ---- --- ---- --------
--- ---- -- --- ---------- --- Iraq-. --- -- ----- ----------- -- ----
------ ---- -- -- ------ --- ------ -----: al Qaeda -- Iraq -- - -----
------- -- ------- ----------, --- ------- -- ------- ----------, ---
----- -- - ------- --------- ------ -- Osama bin Laden. ---- ----
----'-- al Qaeda. --- Iraq- ------ ---- ---- --- al Qaeda. ------
------ --- ------ ----- ---- ---- --- al Qaeda. -----'- - ---- ------
---- --- ------ 'Al Qaeda -- Iraq.' They are Al Qaeda. And they are in

Get the message? This speech brought to you by the RNC, Fox News, and Neocons Anonymous...

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) - Bought and Paid For By the Club for Growth

The Third Congressional District of Nebraska (the western 2/3 of the state) has had a Repignican representative each and every year since the inception of the District more than 50 years ago. That almost changed in the 2006 election when wonder kid Democrat Scott Klebb came very close to winning the seat. His opponent in the race was a smarmy Repignican named Adrian Smith. Anyone who watched this race knew that Smith was in bed with and in the pocket of Grover Norquist's "Club for Growth," a rabidly anti-government anti-tax, pro-business gathering of Repignican swine who care most deeply about their own personal wealth.

Midway through the race last fall, Klebb was beating Smith handily; to the point where Deadeye Dick Cheney had to fly to Grand Island Nebraska not once but twice to campaign for Smith. By the end of the race however, a majority of staunchly Repignican constituents just couldn't vote for a Democrat no matter how repulsive was the Repignican candidate, so Smith won. But not by much.

The group Smith Watch in my old home town of Grand Island has published a scorecard on the first six-months record of Adrian Smith. Not surprisingly Smith has voted the way the Club for Growth wanted him to vote 100 percent of the time. The results of the analysis follow. I hope that the residents of CD 3 in Nebraska are happy with what the Club for Growth has purchased for you. Maybe in 2008 you'll realize that Smith isn't representing you, but instead he's representing the Club for Growth. With luck Scott Klebb will run against this sniveling little prick again in 2008, and maybe the Club for Growth's representative from Nebraska will be sent back to the corn fields of Gosper County.

This information comes from the folks at Smithwatch. Their link is

"Smith Watch - Nebraska's 3rd District" - 1 new article
Smith's Job Performance: A mid year summary

Since we have reached mid-year on Adrian Smith's first year in Congress, I thought this would be a good time to do an analysis. I will look at his voting habits, the bills he sponsoring and cosponsoring, and his performance in the eyes of the Club for Growth.


Given that the Club for Growth paid out over $500,000 to Adrian Smith during the campaign, in contributions and ads, I felt it would be a good idea to see if they are getting their money's worth.

The CFG has what they call their Key Votes. They track the votes of their paid representatives to see if they are voting the way the CFG want them to be voting.

So just how is Smith doing? Let's take a look:

1. "NO" on Minimum Wage Hike (H.R. 2)

Adrian Smith voted NO

The bill passed 315-116-4

2. "NO" on "Employee Free Choice Act" (H.R. 800)
The purpose of this bill is to establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes.

Adrian Smith voted NO

The bill passed 241-185-8.

3 "YES" on Sessions Amendment to the "Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007" (H.R. 1401)
The purpose of this amendment is to prohibit funds from being used by Amtrak for any of the Top 10 worst revenue losing long-distance routes as noted by its September 2006 monthly performance report, unless the Secretary deems a route or a portion of a route as critical to homeland security.

Adrian Smith voted YES

The amendment failed 130-299-9.

4. YES on the Ryan Substitute Amendment (H. Con. Res. 99)

This amendment was basically a whole new budget to replace the one put forth by the Democratic-controlled House Budget Committee.

Adrian Smith voted YES.

The amendment failed 160-268-10.

5. "NO" on Medicare Fair Prescription Drug Price Act of 2007 (S. 3)
The equivalent bill in the House would be H.R. 4. If passed, would allow the government to negotiate prices.

Adrian Smith voted NO

The bill passed 255-170-10.

This purpose of this bill is to require a proxy, consent, or authorization for a shareholder meeting occurring on or after January 1, 2009, to permit a separate shareholder vote to approve executive compensation.

Adrian Smith voted NO

The bill passed 269-134-30.

7. "YES" on Bachus/Biggert Amendment to the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act (H.R. 1427)
This amendment would strike section 139 which establishes an affordable housing fund.

Adrian Smith voted YES

The amendment failed 148-269-20.

7. Signing the Campbell/Ryan Letter to President Bush. The letter offers support by the signers to sustain any Bush veto on FY08 appropriations bills that go over the President's request.

As the CFG reported, a letter was signed by 147 Republicans vowing to uphold all Bush vetos. That is enough to stop a veto override.

Adrian Smith signed the letter.

8. "NO" on the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act (H.R. 1252)
When the President declares an energy emergency, it would be illegal to sell petroleum products that is excessive, and indicates the seller is taking an unfair advantage of the circumstances to profit.

Adrian Smith voted NO

The bill passed 284-141-7.

The amendment was actually list as sponsored by Rep. Rogers, but the purpose was to prohibit use of funds in the bill to implement section 536 relating to Davis-Bacon provisions.

Adrian Smith voted YES.

The amendment failed 145-277-15.

10. Sponsorship of the "Tax Increase Prevention Act" (H.R. 2734
)The Club for Growth plans to positively score the sponsorship and co-sponsorship of Rep. Tim Walberg's "Tax Increase Prevention Act" (H.R. 2734) that would make all of the Bush tax cuts permanent.

H.R.2734 was introduced on 6/14/2007.

Adrian Smith signed on as one of the original cosponsors.

11. "YES" on 4% Across the Board Cut on the Leg. Branch Approps Bill (HR 2771)

Rep. Jordan's amendment would have cut the Legislative Branch Budget by 4%.

Adrian Smith voted YES

The amendment failed 177-231-29.

12. "YES" on Pence-Flake-Hensarling Fairness Doctrine Amendment to the Financial Services Approps Bill (H.R. 2829)
The purpose of the amendment is to prohibit the use of funds to be used by the Federal Communications Commission to implement the Fairness Doctrine

Adrian Smith voted YES

The amendment passed 309-115-1-12.

SUMMARY: Adrian Smith is voting 100% of the time in line with the Club for Growth. They are getting what they paid for.


There have been a total of 606 Roll Call votes cast in the first 6 months of the 1st session. Here is how the votes look so far:

94.39% (572 ) - Smith's votes match the GOP majority.
33.66% (204) - Smith's votes match the Democrats majority.
38.12% (231) - Majority of GOP votes match the Democrats majority.
40.26% (244) - Smith's vote is the same as the result of the vote (passed/failed).
44.72% (271) - GOP's vote is the same as the result of the vote.
93.40% (566) - Democrats vote is the same as the result of the vote.
0.5% (3) - Smith has voted with the Democrats, but against the GOP majority.
5.61% (34) - Smith's vote is in the extreme minority of the GOP, voting opposite of the majority.

To get a much better look at these numbers, however, it's best to remove the votes that are unanimous or near unanimous (less than 10 votes in opposition). These usually consist of ceremonial type votes, such as pledge the support of veterans, praising a sports team, or changing the name of a post office, etc. There are 143 unanimous/unopposed votes. The follow statistics represent the remaining 463 votes:

92.66% (429) - Smith's votes match the GOP majority.
13.17% (61) - Smith's votes match the Democrats majority.
19.01% (88) - Majority of GOP votes match the Democrats majority.
21.81% (101) - Smith's vote is the same as the result of the vote (passed/failed).
27.65% (128) - GOP's vote is the same as the result of the vote.
91.36% (423) - Democrats vote is the same as the result of the vote.
0.65% (3) - Smith has voted with the Democrats, but against the GOP majority.
7.34% (34) - Smith's vote is in the extreme minority of the GOP, voting opposite of the majority.

Smith continues to join his party as a true partison, and even has taken the position of being even more right-wing than the rest of the Republicans over 7% of the time.


As of mid-year, Adrian Smith is a sponsor on 4 bills, and cosponsor on 63 bills.

Among the 53 Freshman members of Congress, the average number of bills sponsored is 6, and the average number cosponsored is 134, the total average being 140.

Given those numbers, Smith has less than half the number of bills than the average among the Freshmen.

The median total number of bills is 122.

Smith's rank, at this point, is 50 out of 53. He's at the very bottom of the group.

Now some statistics on these bills:

Of the 4 sponsored bills, 1 was a House Resolution only, the other three deal with very targeted and very specific tax cuts. One of those was originally introduced by Tom Osborne in the 109th, and Sen. Chuck Hagel in both the 110th and 109th, so Smith did not write it. The targeted tax cuts affect:

- Concentrated animal feeding operations
- Non-residential property in rural areas
- Independent College Students (to a point)

Regarding the 63 bills cosponsored:

17 - the number of bills Smith was one of the original cosponsors at introduction.
46 - the number of bills he added his name after it was introduced.
3 - The number of Concurrent Resolutions (used merely for expressing facts, principles, opinions, and purposes of the two Houses)
2 - The number of Resolutions (considered only by the body in which they were introduced)
1 - A Joint Resolution that would amend the Constitution.
57 - Actual number of bills that, if passed, would be laws.
5 - the number of bills introduced by Nebraska's Reps together
41 - Average number of days between the time a bill was introduced and when Smith signed on. 10.5 - Average number of bills signed on to each month.
22.3 - Average number of bills the other Freshmen signed on to each month.
11 - Number of bills related to targeted tax cuts.
11 - Number of bills that are ideological or highly partisan, geared toward one-issue voters.

Progress of all the bills so far:

2 Resolutions have been passed.
1 Concurrent Resolution has been passed and sent to the Senate.
3 have passed in the House and been sent to the Senate.
50 have not progressed since being referred to committees.
10 have had hearings, markups or requested executive comment.

The pattern continues. Adrian Smith is not a leader (as the Omaha World Herald stated during the election). He's highly partisan, and one of the more extreme members of his own party. He puts the interests of his biggest campaign contributors ahead of the interests of the people of Nebraska .

He may like to pretend he's a man of the people, but his actions (or lack of) speak much louder than words.

DNC Support for Al Gore...Hmmmmmmm

JoAnne received the following email this morning from Howard Dean and the Democratic National Commmittee. The email encourages Progressives to support Al Gore and his pledge to work to combat global warming. Thats rather a no-brainer - its something everyone should do be they Democratic, Progressive, Liberal, Independent, Green, or a member of the Republic Party.

Whats curious is the wording. Note the references encouraging us to "support" Al Gore. Maybe I'm getting extra hopeful, but it seems like the DNC is sending out a message here to prepare us to get ready to support Al on more than just global warming.

In ten weeks or so Al will be in Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Its then that I predict he will be announcing his candidacy to win the White House a second time. It can't hurt to get on his bandwagon now. Why not beat the rush to supporting Al and just commit to him today?

Here's the email from the DNC

Dear JoAnne

A hundred years from now, school children will read about Al Gore and his leadership to address global climate change. No one has worked harder or inspired more Americans to tackle the greatest threat the world has ever faced.

Now it's time to add your name to the history books.

Stand with Al and pledge to live a life that will protect our environment for generations to come:


Last Saturday, thousands of Democrats planted seeds for a cleaner planet at events across the country. We had a great weekend, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty -- but there's even more we can do clean up the planet.

Here's the pledge that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and I have all taken:

To demand that my country join an international treaty within the next 2 years that cuts global warming pollution by 90% in developed countries and by more than half worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth;

To take personal action to help solve the climate crisis by reducing my own CO2 pollution as much as I can and offsetting the rest to become "carbon neutral;"

To fight for a moratorium on the construction of any new generating facility that burns coal without the capacity to safely trap and store the CO2;

To work for a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of my home, workplace, school, place of worship, and means of transportation;

To fight for laws and policies that expand the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on oil and coal;

To plant new trees and to join with others in preserving and protecting forests; and,
To buy from businesses and support leaders who share my commitment to solving the climate crisis and building a sustainable, just, and prosperous world for the 21st century.

This pledge is an easy way to show that the political will exists to stop global warming -- no matter how hard President Bush tries to deny the problem or delay the solution.

I've signed it. Now it's your turn:


Despite the recent attention on global climate change, we're still fighting an uphill battle. Over the past few years, Republicans have done everything in their power to silence Al, the scientific community, and anyone else who tells the truth about what's happening. In 2004, one NASA scientist claimed that in "three decades in government, I have never seen anything approaching the degree to which information flow from scientists to the public has been screened and controlled as it is now."
But despite this opposition, we've won the debate. As Al Gore said during the recent Live Earth concerts, we're now presented with a choice: "Do we use this unprecedented opportunity to organize a global movement that will last beyond the concerts themselves? Or do we let the moment pass?"

It's time to answer Al's question with the grassroots organizing and commitment that powers the Democratic Party. Sign the pledge and then tell every Democrat you know to do the same:



Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Day, Another FBI Raid on a Repignican Politician's Home

This is sweet and its almost predictable any more. Its Monday so which Repignican should be raided today to find out how deeply in bed they happen to be with lobbyists or oil companies or whomever stuffed their campaign coffers.

Today its Ted Stevens, vile and hateful Senator from the Great Land.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (July 30) - Federal agents searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens on Monday, focusing on records related to his relationship with an oil field services contractor jailed in a public corruption investigation, a law enforcement official said

I wonder why it is that all we hear about, with few exceptions any more, is Repignican politicians being investigated for wrong doing. It started with Tommy "Bug Boy" DeLay and then it was Dukester Cunningham and then that munchkin crook from Ohio, then Mark Foley who couldn't keep his horny thoughts out of yahoo messenger and then there was.....well hell...the list just keeps going.

These of course are all members of the "party of god" and the "family values party" and the "compassionate conservative" party and the "pro war party" and all of the other monikers that show how far removed from reality these slimeballs really are. Luckily we the people have woken up to the disgusting things these bastards do, all while feeding at the Federal trough. And to think that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a couple blowjobs under the Oval Office desk.

Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure

WASHINGTON - Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a seizure at his summer home in Maine on Monday, causing a fall that resulted in minor scrapes, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said.

This is great news!! Given this bastards activist approach to the Constitution I hope he goes into a coma and stays catatonic until January 21, 2009 when Al Gore can appoint a moderate to the court. I've been worried sick about the damage this bastard can do for the next thirty years. Maybe there is a "god" afterall.

Request for Impeachment of Gonzales to Be Introduced

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) is introducing legislation that would require the House Judiciary Committee and the House of Representatives to begin an impeachment investigation into Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in the wake of his damaging testimony last week. The legislation reads:

Resolved: That the Committee on the Judiciary shall investigate fully whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to impeach Alberto Gonzales for high crimes and misdemeanors.

DAMN...there is hope for the Constitution yet. Only Dennis Kucinich and Jay Inslee seem to have what it takes to be a Representative of the people. Let the pummeling of Gitmo Al begin.

Another Bush-Sponsored Nazi Moment in America

I don't give a rats Cheney what the title of the story says, this was down right - state sponsored - Nazism.

Brace yourself for the 2008 elections. Bush, and his redneck inbreds, are far from done with us.

Asheville – A couple who said they were protesting the state of the country by flying the U.S. flag upside down with signs pinned to it found themselves in jail following a scuffle with a deputy Wednesday morning.

Mark and Deborah Kuhn were arrested on two counts of assault on a government employee, resisting arrest and a rarely used charge, desecrating an American flag, all misdemeanors. The Kuhns were released from custody Wednesday afternoon.

I'm not sure about you but the next time there is an anti-occupation or anti-Bush demonstration in Asheville, North Carolina I'm hopping on a plane and heading down for the show. Arrogant redneck "Christian" bastards. They have apparently forgotten about the Constitution just like Gitmo Al and the rest of the Cabal has. Afterall it was the Chimp itself who once said that the Constitution is "just a god-damned piece of paper."

Wake up Sheeple

US Announces Arms Deal With Middle East

This story from yahoo.com news is absolutely, positively ludicrous!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Monday announced a proposed $13 billion military aid package for Egypt and a $30 billion package for Israel, along with plans to provide such aid to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

I can understand the aid to Israel because the Bush Abomination is one of the strongest supporters of the terrorist state of Israel. And, it has been United States policy for ages to provide financial support to this most de-stabilizing entity in the Middle East. Afterall, we have to do what we have to do to get the jewish campaign contributions and buy the jewish vote.

However what the hell are we doing making an "aid" package for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states"? Hasn't anyone in the White House looked at the price of gasoline lately? I think $3.00 a gallon gasoline is a VERY nice aid package for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. They dont need more "aid" from us.

Would someone please volunteer to give Bush and Cheney blow jobs so the Repignicans will rally around their immediate impeachment?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots - This Weeks Edition

This list complied by Democratic Underground would be funny if it wasn't so, well, funny. Just makes you wish it was January 20, 2009, so adults would be in charge again.

Alberto Gonzales (1) appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee and gives the worst performance since Keanu Reeves in "Dracula" - but his friends in the White House (2) think he deserves an Oscar. Meanwhile, Republican Presidential Candidates (5) are demonstrating their bravery, Bill O'Reilly (8) is foolishly taking on the blogs, and Carl Wimmer (10) responds!

Man Who Criticizes Cheney Arrested for Assault

This chilling story from Crooks and Liars has me scratching my head. In the story we learn about a man who was arrested for assault after criticizing the man with the permanent snarl about Iraq.

On the other hand, I have emailed Bush more than 15,000 times. I've made all sorts of comments about his lack of intelligence, that his colonoscopy was actually a search for his brain, I've asked if Laura likes anal sex, and I've begged him to send his "jack-booted thugs" over to rough me up.


Maybe I need to be more direct???

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Conservative Lawyer Bruce Fein Argues for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

Former Reagan administration lawyer Bruce Fein recently sat down with the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle to discuss how “George W. Bush’s foreign policies are making Americans less safe, and why the president and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached.”

What a forehead slapper! The next story in line tells how Democrat Charles Rangel of New York is against impeaching Bush, yet in the present story we have a conservative lawyer arguing FOR impeachment. I think I need a beer to put this in perspective.

Congressman Charlie Rangel Misses the Point

The New York Daily News is reporting this story today.

In spite of what he said was pervasive corruption in the White House, Charlie Rangel, the dean of New York's congressional delegation, said today he wouldn't want President Bush impeached. "God forbid!" he said.

He was speaking on CNN's "Late Edition" about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and saying Bush should be "ashamed" of the AG. So, what led to the leniency on trying to boot Bush? His replacement -- Dick Cheney.

Ah, excuse me, Charlie but you're a nitwit. Where is it written that only Bush should be impeached? The Congress, using an oft-forgotten piece of paper (that Bush once called 'just a god damned piece of paper') called the United States Constitution, you the Congress have the authority to impeach, convict and remove the president, the vice-president, and any of their appointees.

This is just one more in a long list of moves on the part of my spineless political party not to do the job that the American public elects them to do every two years. SO WHAT if the impeachment won't be concluded with a conviction, the trial will be able to bring out all sorts of misdeeds and outright lies that these two bastards have perpetrated.

Maybe, Charlie, the people of your District ought to impeach you in November 2008.

Dead Birds Shut Down Washington Metro Stations

This is quite possible the absolute epitome of knee-jerk reactioning in the post-9/11 United States.

WASHINGTON - Three Metro train stations were briefly closed Sunday while hazardous materials crews investigated dozens of dead birds and a substance believed to be a commercial pest poison. No human injuries were reported.

All signs point to a contractor making a mistake, said a spokeswoman for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The poison was spread outside at least six Metro stations.

The story goes on to say that
The FBI's joint terrorism task force and officials from the National Institutes of Health joined the investigation as reports of the dead birds increased during the day.

For Christ's sake! With Osama bin Forgotten running around having been forgotten for nearly 6 years don't you think the FBI has more important things to do with its time than track down a bunch of dead birds at a metro station?

This must be one of those things Metro is talking about when they warn passengers to "see it say it" and report anything unusual. There has been a dead European Starling sitting on a wall at the East Falls Church metro station for more than a year. Its there, broiled to a crisp and nobody got wigged out about it. And I even told Metro the bird was there.

No doubt this over reaction is yet another example of the ramping up of the "terror" threats that will be put in place at least until the election in November 2008. Yawn.

The one intersting aspect of this situation is that if the birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (16 USC 703-712) their deaths by poison are a violation of that Act. The MBTA is a strict liability law wherein there is no need to prove intent to have a violation or seek a conviction. There is an entire body of case law out there where pesticide applicators have been found in violation of the Act for spraying chemicals and killing birds. There is also case law on birds landing on oil slicks near oil wells, and others landing on contaminated water and then dying. In those cases the perpetrator was found in violation of the law and fined. Sometimes severely.

I wonder if the Federal government still enforces the MBTA now that we are in the "business can do no wrong" Bush Abomination? My guess is that we no longer do. Afterall we can't do anything to impede the pursuit of profit.

Welcome to Bush's America.

How Cuba Views the Presidential Campaign in the States

Here from our brothers and sisters in Cuba is a succinct analysis of the seemingly never ending campaign for the Presidency in the United States.

Of the 65 islands I have been on in the West Indies, Cuba is one of my most favorite - and I've been there twice. My greatest fantasy is to be on the first ferry boat leaving Key West for Havana. That will most likely end with a Democrat in the White House - someone who sees the folly of the 45 year old totally ineffective embargo against Cuba that we have kept in place for political reasons.

More Repignicans Want Iraq Military Limits

The headline for this story from yahoo.com news should actually read: Sensing Certain Defeat, Repignicans Tuck Head, Kiss Ass Away on Iraqnam
WASHINGTON - Republicans increasingly are backing a new approach in the Iraq war that could become the party's mantra come September. It would mean narrowly limited missions for U.S. troops in Iraq but let President Bush decide when troops should leave.

So far, the idea has not attracted the attention of Democratic leaders. They are under substantial pressure by anti-war groups to consider only legislation that orders troops from Iraq.

The truly funny story about this is these are the same Repignicans who attacked John Kerry for his integrity, and who tried to smear Jack Murtha for speaking the truth and for all the others on the Hill who have been trying to rectify the wrong that Bush created. They were in lockstep behind the Chimp from the get go - until they had their own colonoscopy searching for their brains and realized that the vast majority of Americans don't like the way the Repugnicans have directed the nation since 1996.

Its time for a change and it can't happen soon enough. I wish it was January 20, 2009 today so we could put an adult back in charge again in the White House. Until that fateful day we can expect to see more and more "patriotic" Repignicans who were "Defend the President at all Costs" sorta Repignicans backpedaling and bailing out on the mess they created.

The really sad thing is that hundreds if not thousands more American kids will die before enough Repignicans have the testicular fortitude to join with the Democrats and stop this foolishness in Iraqnam.

Gingrich Predicts Hillary Obama Ticket

And this is how the conservative-biased media frame an issue and project an image.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats will nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in 2008 and Barack Obama will be her running mate, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts.

The GOP will have three “formidable” choices in Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, said Gingrich, who is considering whether to get into the race.

Where I grew up in northern Wisconsin we had a saying that went "that's your ass talking, your mouth knows better." And that Wisconsin phrase from long ago fits Newtie and his latest prognostication.

What Gingrich is doing and the rest of the conservative whacko fringe will continue to do is spread the subliminal message that those damned Democrats are going to run a woman and a black man in 2008 and the only salvation we have is any of the three "formidible" Republic Party candidates who can save us from that evil.

Rudy Guliani, like Rudy, is a prime candidate for the family values Republic Party. Rudy is on his third wife just like Newtie. Unlike Newt who had premarital carnal knowledge of his current wife while still married to his second wife who was dying of cancer at the time, Rudy was more circumspect. He was just fucking number 3 in his home while number 2 was out shopping or something. Very good family values there. Rudy also has the disadvantage of being from "the north". Only one northerner since FDR, and that was JFK, has been elected President. Can you imagine a 400 pound redneck in a baptist church in Wedowee Alabama voting for a Yankee? Not many of them will

The same holds for Romney. He will portray himself as a man of "god" because he's a crazed Mormon. However anyone with a scintilla of intelligence needs only read "Under the Banner of Heaven" to know that anyone adhering to that religion is as far out in left field as the current resident of the White House. Also,Romney is a northerner. And even further north than Rudy.

Fred Thompson? He hasn't announced and yet the reports today are that nis non-campaign campaign structure is in disarray. And haven't we already had one actor as President? Despite making us all feel good, Darth Reagan quadrupled the national debt in five years. Do we really need another actor in the White House?

Newtie and the rest of these clowns will do their level best for the next 15 months to portray whomever is the Democratic candidate / pairing as something horrible.

What these asses don't and can't accept is that the American public is fed up with Republic Party nitwits being in charge of the country. We the people want an adult in the White House not more of the same as the "formidible" candidates Gingrich opines about will give us.

I think the real reason that Gingrich wants Hillary as President is so he can ride on Air Force One again, throw a fit, and shut down the government for a few days. Just like the old days.

Fatal Attraction - The Problem With Hillary Clinton

I remain amazed that poll after poll shows that Hillary is in the lead among Democratic and Independent voters. I am amazed because I still do not know ONE Democrat or Independent who supports her. And I live in the epicenter of liberal thought in northern Virginia. Not a one. Yet she is being touted by the conservative-biased media as the front runner.

This excellent piece from Smirking Chimp explores some of the mystery behind her campaign and reiterates why she has no business being a candidate for President.

Iraq Wants Petraeus OUT NOW

This is great!!! Earlier it looked like the Iraqi government was thinking of asking the Chimp to remove General Betrayus. Now they flat out want him gone. Maybe he can bring all of the troops back with him when he returns?

Whats funny about this is that Bush keeps bullshitting us saying he will determine troop levels based on what "the generals on the ground" tell him. Whats he going to do when now that the Iraqis have told Bush his on-the-ground General is a pariah?

Relations between the top United States general in Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki, the country's prime minister, are so bad that the Iraqi leader made a direct appeal for his removal to President George W Bush.

Although the call was rejected, aides to both men admit that Mr Maliki and Gen David Petraeus engage in frequent stand-up shouting matches, differing particularly over the US general's moves to arm Sunni tribesmen to fight al-Qa'eda.

One Iraqi source said Mr Maliki used a video conference with Mr Bush to call for the general's signature strategy to be scrapped. "He told Bush that if Petraeus continues, he would arm Shia militias," said the official. "Bush told Maliki to calm down."

Calm down?? Bush the diplomat told another world leader to calm down?? Its HIS country that the Chimp is fucking up. He has every reason to be livid with the Chimp. Bush remains in Iraqnam solely for his ego. I wish I could be around in 100 years to read what historians say then about this unmitigated ass.

How America Is Winning Friends in Iraqnam

The Guardian of London reports that “Iraq is facing a hidden healthcare and social crisis over the soaring number of amputations, largely of lower limbs, necessitated by the daily explosions and violence gripping the country.” Similarly, the level of amputations “performed by military surgeons on US troops in Iraq are twice as high as those recorded in previous wars.”

Hammering Wal-Mart Before They Begin

The Myrtle Beach Sun-News only allows its writers to express themselves in 150 words or less. Regardless, this letter to the editor published yesterday slams Wal-Mart with facts. I'm sure the rednecks on the Grand Strand will think its wonderful having another economy-sapping Wally World store there. Others, the more intelligent of them in South Carolina see a third store in Myrtle Beach as a disaster looking for a place to happen.

Good job, JoAnne.

July 28, 2007

Letters to the editor

New Wal-Mart not worth the cost

Wal-Mart's desire to open another store on the Grand Strand makes me shudder. Do we need another outlet for the most repressive corporation in America? No, and here is why.

Wal-Mart sales associates earn average annual wages of $13,861. The poverty line for a family of three is $14,630.

Excluding his $1.2 million salary, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott makes $22 million in bonuses, stock awards, and stock options.

Wal-Mart highlights its American suppliers but imports 60 percent of its goods.

In 21 states, more Wal-Mart employees and dependents are enrolled in state-funded health care programs than any other company.

Everything that seems cheap comes with a price. Myrtle Beach doesn't need to pay the price in human dignity to increase profits in a board room in Arkansas.

JoAnne Stone
Myrtle Beach

Meet George Bush's Newest British Poodle

LONDON - Prime Minister Gordon Brown traveled to the United States on Sunday, saying he planned to use the official visit to strengthen what Britain already considers its "most important bilateral relationship."

"It is a relationship that is founded on our common values of liberty, opportunity and the dignity of the individual," Brown said in a statement. "And because of the values we share, the relationship with the United States is not only strong, but can become stronger in the years ahead."

This is a particularly disheartening story. In the run up to the departure of Tony Blair, who history will show to be Bush's greatest lap dog, Mr Brown was a staunch opponent of the way the US and the UK were executing the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraqnam.

Now that Brown is in office, however, he wants to hop over the pond to DC to suck dick and be a good little poodle with Britain's strongest allie.

What Brown doesn't realize or is to stupid to see, is that Bush doesn't give a rat's Cheney about Britain except to be able to puff out his chest and count it as one of the few remaining willing participants in the coallition of the willing. Why doesn't Brown show some fortitude and tell Bush to shove it where the sun doesn't shine? Instead he will be a beta wolf licking Bush's lips and hoping that Bush likes him. This is so disgusting.

Bill Maher - On Removing Bush's Head from His Ass

Burrowing In

Just when we thought there would be a break in the rush to protect political hacks we see this story from the Seattle Times.

The most laughable part of this story is this phrase: Chris Paolino said the department followed all the normal procedures for civil-service hiring when changing his status.

What an unmitigated joke! These people are on the public payroll as Schedule C employees. Once someone high up, like the Secretary of the Interior, determines that a Schedule C should be a permanent employee, the high ranking official tells the respective personnel office that this person is to be hired and voila, that person is hired. All the paperwork is in order, everything looks fine, and on the surface it looks like the hiring was done legally, but it isn't. I know. I've worked for the Interior Department for 21 days short of 30 years. This sort of bullshit goes on all the time.

There is no competition for positions, which is the hallmark of Federal employment. There were no applications that this person had to compete against. There were no interviews or was there a panel put together to consider this person's application against those of all other applicants. And thats true because there were no other applicants.

The author of this piece is correct. This bullshit happens at the end of every Administration. The next administration is saddled with political hacks who stay on and try to derail the efforts of the new Administration. Whats particularly laughable is that the people who are burrowed in are generally among the most vociferous in their disgust with the Federal government. They say that until it looks like Uncle Sam's gravy train is leaving the station, then suddenly its ok to be a "bureaucrat."

This stuff goes on under Administrations of both political parties so this is nothing new. However given the degree of cronyism in this Administration we should look forward to many many many more examples of this happening between now and January 19, 2009.

Alaska-Sized Corruption in the Alaska Delegation

Alaska may be the second youngest state in the country, but it's also one of the most corrupt. The state's entire congressional delegation -- Sens. Ted Stevens (R) and Lisa Murkowski (R) and Rep. Don Young (R) -- is now embroiled in a series of scandals and criminal investigations that threaten to topple Alaska's oil industry-friendly political leadership. Much of the corruption involves Alaska's "largest oil-field engineering firm," Veco Corp., which is "entwined in a broad federal investigation that has led to the indictment of four current and former Alaska politicians and ensnared former Alaska Senate President Ben Stevens, son of Ted Stevens."

STEVENS'S CORRUPT HOME MAKEOVER: Ted Stevens is "the most senior Republican in the U.S. Senate and Alaska's most famous political figure." He's also the subject of investigations by the FBI and a federal grand jury over an "extensive remodeling project" done to his home in 2000. The contractors for this major project, which added a new floor to Stevens's house, happened to be hired by longtime Veco Corp. CEO Bill Allen. Allen and another company executive pleaded guilty in May to federal conspiracy, bribery and tax charges, and they are now cooperating with authorities. "The company has been awarded a series of federal contracts since 2000, including contracts to provide logistics support for arctic research, among other projects." FBI officials "recently questioned former Stevens aides about Bill Allen," and the investigation appears to be expanding to include the commercial fishing industry, "including Ben Stevens' consulting clients and associates. Federal subpoenas served on fishing companies in Seattle last year sought records concerning both Ben and Ted Stevens." Now Stevens's popularity is near an "all-time low" -- plans to erect a nine-foot-tall "statuary tribute" to Stevens at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport were even scrapped -- and the senator isn't taking any legal chances. Last month, he "quietly hired Washington’s most powerful and expensive lawyer, Brendan Sullivan Jr., to deal with the feds."

YOUNG'S DIRTY PIG ROAST: The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that 18-term Alaska congressman Don Young is also under criminal investigation in the widening probe into "alleged influence-peddling and self-dealing in Congress," and Allen again plays a prominent role. For a decade, "Allen has held fund-raisers for Mr. Young in Anchorage every August, known as 'The Pig Roast.'" Veco employees and its PAC have contributed at least $157,000 to Young between 1996 and 2006, the last year the event was held. Young has often skated ethics rules closely. The self-proclaimed "little oinker" has arranged several highly-suspect pork projects, including the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere," and his former staffer was convicted as part of the Jack Abramoff corruption probe. Young has now "hired a criminal-defense team and has said his campaign committee has paid $262,000 in legal fees in the past three months."

MURKOWSKI'S FISHY LAND DEAL: Alaska's other senator, Lisa Murkowski, has come under fire in recent weeks for buying a prime riverfront lot on Alaska's Kenai River lot "at a cut-rate price from a major campaign contributor." Wealthy Alaskan real estate developer and political supporter Bob Penney sold a 1.27-acre waterfront lot for $179,000 to Murkowski's husband, Verne Martell. "Three days after the borough recorded the Murkowskis' purchase, the assessed value went up to $214,900. So right off the bat, it looks like she got a discount of 20 percent." But the discount was "probably far bigger. The online real estate listing service for Alaska has one Kenai riverfront lot. The parcel is only one acre -- a quarter of an acre less than Sen. Murkowski's -- but the asking price is $399,000. Per acre, that's almost three times what the senator paid for hers." Last month, the National Legal and Policy Center filed a 25-page ethics complaint against Murkowski with the Senate committee. Murkowski's deal factors into the other scandals -- Bob Penney, who sold her husband the lot, also testified last year before a grand jury "about his cozy relationship" with Stevens.

What Political Cronyism Gets Us

Today the Washington Post reports that William R. Steiger, a Bush appointee, blocked a 2006 surgeon general’s report that “described the link between poverty and poor health” because “the report did not promote the administration’s policy accomplishments.” Steiger — who has no “background or expertise in medicine or public health” — is “a specialist in education and scholar of Latin American history whose family has long ties President Bush and Vice President Cheney.”

Three people directly involved in its preparation said its publication was blocked by William R. Steiger, a specialist in education and a scholar of Latin American history whose family has long ties to President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Since 2001, Steiger has run the Office of Global Health Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is akin to Julie McDonald the engineer who was in bed with Bush cronies in California who harassed biologists with the US Fish and Wildlife Service over biological principles and biological integrity.

Steiger (named after one of the most destructive farm implements on earth) has as much health expertise being a Latin American history major as did Julie McDonald. Still he was allowed to oversee the dispensing of Administration hubris that replaced the scientific information he was entrusted with.

This is hardly news any more. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has as one of its Assistant Directors a history major who happened to be fathered by a once-powerful Senator from Alaska. The same agency has as its "Science" Advisor someone who possesses a degree in Political Science and spent many years as a Hill staffer. Mark Ray, a political hack who once ran a lobbying group that wanted to implement Bush's "No Tree Left Behind" policy long before Bush was anointed as resident is now an Assistant Secretary of Agriculture over the Forest Service. The list goes on and on.

None of this should come as a shock to anyone any more. But its still uncalled for and needs to be addressed. It wont be addressed in the cronyism saturated Bush Abomination but will be when an adult takes control on January 20, 2009.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Try Telling the Truth

Every once in awhile an excellent essay is written that seems to sum up in a few column inches everything that most of us have been saying and thinking for a very long time. Such was the case on Wednesday July 25 when a friend sent me a link to an opinion piece published in the Seattle Times. Written by Cameron Castle, a resident of beautiful, incomparable, Snohomish County Washington, the piece was titled: Try telling the truth here, so we don't die over there Its reprinted here verbatim with Cameron's permission. It doesn't get much better than this.

Snohomish County opinion

Try telling the truth here, so we don't die over there
By Cameron Castle

Special to The Times

"WE are fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here!"

There are two things inherently wrong with such statements.

One: They attacked us here, when George Bush was completely ignoring them. (See * below.) Two: This strategy implies that as long as we are willing to supply enough U.S. soldiers to walk the streets of Baghdad to get shot or blown up, we, here at home, can feel safe.

Both of those points make my mind want to blow up like a roadside bomb.

I do not want to hear our president or any supporter say those words again. It is a made-up turn of phrase designed to repel reasonable discussion and energize the diminishing support group for this administration.

Here is the Bush administration's logic:

They are so busy killing our soldiers in Iraq that they just can't find the bandwidth in their delegation of assignments to attack an airport in America.

But, if we were to bring our troops home, they would then somehow follow them back to the U.S., make it through airport and homeland security en masse and, now that our soldiers are stationed back at home ... attack us.

The more one tries to extrapolate the logic of the initial sentence of this essay, the more ludicrous it sounds.

Yet, we continue to hear it.

It is like Dick Cheney harping about "the aluminum tubes for Saddam's nuclear centrifuge machine," months after anyone tuned in enough to be, let's say, awake, knew that was a preposterous and laughable attempt at fear-mongering.

I found a muffler on the garage floor of my friend's garage. Even though it is not really a car muffler, I am sure that he is very close to creating a functioning 12-cylinder Jaguar XKE that he then is going to drive like crazy through the neighborhood, killing innocent children walking to school.

They say, "Fight them there, not here."

They say, "Aluminum tubes."

And the media play it, and enough people repeat it and believe it.

Somebody has to stand up in front of the camera and say, "What? What did you just say? That is ridiculous. That is the 20th time, Mr. Cheney, you have mentioned those tubes, and I am not going to allow you to say it again."

Like in the movie "Network," the audience would cheer.

"We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore!"

The situation over in Iraq is a tangled mess that seems nearly impossible to solve. Bush and his advisers got us into this mess and I cannot believe that I heard him say that it is up to the next president to get us out.

But until that happens, we need to try to work through this nightmare in the most intelligent and strategic way possible. We need to create some stability in that country and we need to do it with the least loss of life.

The current strategy seems to be simply, "If we kill enough of them, we will win."

The first step to finding an end to this war that George Bush chose to start is speaking honestly about it.

Purposely deceptive statements, such as "Fight 'em over there, so we don't fight 'em over here," are more destructive than the bombs ripping through the nonreinforced floorboards of our Humvees.

(* Bush failed to meet with the head of counterterrorism between the time he took office and Sept. 10, 2001. His attorney general, John Ashcroft, presented him with the most important issues facing the country, daily. Terrorism was not on the list. Bush took the month of August 2001 off, after being on the job for only six months and 20 days, making it impossible to meet daily with the head of the CIA, something his predecessor did daily for eight years — terrorist threats being No. 1 on his administration's list of issues.)

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Cheney's Heart Device Upgraded

The good news is that doctors exploring vice-resident Dick Cheney's chest to replace his heart pump found a heart. The bad news is they left it in his chest.

Doctors at George Washington University Hospital replaced the defibrillator, a sealed unit that includes a battery. If the device were to sense an abnormal heart rhythm, it would deliver an electronic shock to reset the vice president's heart to a normal beat.

"The device was successfully replaced without complication," said Megan McGinn, the vice president's deputy press secretary.

Of course we all remember how many lies were associated with Uncle Dick shooting the Repignican in the face while quail hunting (I bet that would be a most satisfying feeling). Despite the deputy press secretary saying there were no complications, these bastards lie so frequently and openly we can probably assume from Megan's comments that there were complications. We can hope anyway.

Dubya Accomplishes Grandpa Prescott's Goal from 70 Years Ago

On July 22, the British Broadcasting Corporation aired a documentary that shows how Dubya's Grandpa Prescott Bush was heavily involved in a 1933 plot to overthrow the U.S. government and install a fascist dictatorship. I had never thought to put two and two togehter and believe in the possibility that the grandson was accomplishing what his grandfather had failed to achieve.

At least there is one thing that Bush has been able to do in his miserable presidency. He used to try to please daddy but has been a complete failure at that so now he's doing what Grandpa Prescott wanted to do. And he's succeeding.

Grandpa Prescott and Daddy George were trading partners with Hitler during the Second World War also, so this all fits nicely.

Heckuva job, Dubya.