Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Adoption Not Abortion - The Bumper Sticker

About 2 hours ago I saw a variant of this bumper sticker on the rear of a Humvee (surprised?) parked in the parking lot of the Burger King by the entrance to the Quantico Marine Corps base south of DC. Feeling charitable I thought I would engage the owner in a bit of a conversation. It went like this:

Craig: Hi. I saw your bumper sticker and had to ask how many children have you adopted?

Humvee: Huh?

Craig: I saw your bumper sticker and had to ask how many children have you adopted.

Humvee: Oh, that. Well, my husband and I have not adopted any children. We have three of our own.

Craig: If you are suggesting that others give up their unwanted child rather than abort it, why aren't you out there offering to adopt them?

Humvee: Well my husband and I chose not to adopt but to have our own children. We just think abortion is wrong and people should choose to adopt rather than abort.

Craig: So its o.k. for you to choose to not adopt a child but its not o.k. for a woman pregnant with an unwanted child to choose to end it with an abortion?

Humvee: (She now realizes she stepped in a trap) Your one of those liberals aren't you? (She obviously hadn't seen the bumper stickers on the back of my car).

Craig: Yes and proud of it.

Humvee: Thats what I thought. (She now turned around and stormed to her car).

Craig: Thanks for choosing to talk to me about adoption.

God/Allah I love catching Repignofascists in their own hypocrisy.


alien said...

That is too freakin funny. Yes, its apparently ok for people to choose for everyone else what THEY think should be done about "baby jelly"... but the person that is going to have their WHOLE life change isnt??? BUMP THAT! FREEDOM OF CHOICE BITCHES! Maybe i should become pro-abortion.. meaning that EVERYONE HAS to have atleast 1 abortion. BWWAAAHAAHAAAA!

john said...

True. How ironic to have that bumper sticker and not be willing to adopt. I am not sure, but I have always been under the impression that a shortage of people willing to adopt newborns does not exist. The real issue is not whether there are those unwilling to adopt, as if that were a reason to support abotion rights, the issue is whether the act of abortion itself right or ethically defensible. If one comes to the conclusion that abortion does end a life, then any other reason for allowing it lack validity. The crux of the abortion debate is the question of what is being terminated. If the fetus is a person, albeit a person yet unborn, then no one person has the right to deny that person right to live among us.