Saturday, December 8, 2007

As Predicted, Democratic "Leaders" Plan to Cave on Iraqnam Funding

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — Congressional leaders are assembling a $500 billion package to try to resolve an impasse by providing President Bush with unfettered money for the Iraq war in exchange for new spending on popular domestic programs.
These bastards are thoroughly pathetic. We the people put them in power a year ago because we wanted the foolishness in Iraqnam to stop. They told us they would do what we the people wanted done.

They didn't. They lied. Its horrible that 3,900 American kids have died in Iraqnam for Bush's lies. Whats more horrible is the number of them who have died since January 3, 2007 when the Democrats who said they would stop the carnage took power.

The Democrats are going to give Bush carte blanche to spend money to maintain the killing in Iraqnam because they Democrats are afraid to stand up to a marginalized "leader" approved by only 30 percent of the populace. And those 30 percent get their news from the Fox Opinion Network anyway, so they dont count. This is totally repulsive. Nancy Pelosi needs to be thrown out on her ear in the 2008 election. Too bad Cindy Sheehan is her only opponent.

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