Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catching Huckleberry in Another Lie

Oh, yeah, Huck? What about this?? Lying Repignofascist bastards. At least when Bill Clinton lied it was about something as insignificant as a blowjob. These morons go for the major leagues each time they open their mouths.

Lets see, Colin Powell (R) told us about irrefutable evidence of weapons of mass deception in Iraqnam.

George Dumbya told us about mushroom clouds.

Dick Cheney told us that al Qaeda was behind every shrub in Iraqnam.

Paul Wolfowitz told us that the war in Iraqnam would pay for itself.

Yup.....but Bill Clinton lied about blowjobs. Its a shame Bill wasn't a Repignofascist so nobody would care about his lie.

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