Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chimpy Pressured to Change Focus from Iraqnam to Afghanistan

With violence on the decline in Iraq but on the upswing in Afghanistan, President Bush is facing new pressure from the U.S. military to accelerate a troop drawdown in Iraq and bulk up force levels in Afghanistan, according to senior U.S. officials.

Administration officials said the White House could start to debate the future of the American military commitment in both Iraq and Afghanistan as early as next month. Some Pentagon officials are urging a further drawdown of forces in Iraq beyond that envisioned by the White House, which is set to reduce the number of combat brigades from 20 to 15 by the end of next summer. At the same time, commanders in Afghanistan are looking for several additional battalions, helicopters and other resources to confront a resurgent Taliban movement.
What a concept! Focusing American attention and resources on where Osama bin Forgotten has been forgotten for 6 years!

I don't believe the statement about violence in Iraqnam being down. Apparently the Washington Post writer of this story isn't following the news on the BBC or Al Jazeera. Any slow down in Iraqnam violence will come to a screeching halt soon enough.

Yet, at the same time, despite my visceral disgust with war, it would be refreshing to see attention focused on Afghanistan. Had Chimpy done that in the beginning instead of illegally invading Iraqnam for its oil and for his manliness, the national debt wouldn't be in the trillions, 3900 American kids wouldn't be dead for a lie, several hundred thousand Iraqi's wouldn't be dead as "collateral damage" and we just might have been able to ferrt Osama bin Forgotten out of his hiding place. Of course Bush had the opportunity to take out Osama in 2002 but he decided (actually Karl von Rove decided) that it wouldnt be good politics for his feeble administration to bring home the prize early. So we forgot Osama and created a quagmire in Iraqnam.

Maybe now, if the Chimp decides to focus attention back on the country that supported and provided cover to the man who caused 9/11 there might actually be some progress in Bush's war of terror. Its just unfortunate that Afghanistan has only poppies and not oil. Had it been the latter the focus would have been much greater long ago.

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