Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dan Abrams - More Bush League Justice

It is very interesting to hear what Congressman Hoekstra (Repignofascist-Michigan) says here. Rachel Madow is correct in pointing out that the tape destruction occurred in 2005 when Hoekstra was chair of the committee so now he's playing catch up.

This past spring I was on a flight from Washington to Detroit on which Hoekstra sat a couple rows behind me. On exiting the plane in Detroit I approached Hoekstra, told him I was from his district, and I wanted to know how things were going in Iraq. He said, "We're making great progress in Iraq." I replied "Congressman, tell that to the 14 American kids who were kililed for Bush's lies in Iraqnam this morning." His eyes got like saucers and I walked away toward my flight. Hoekstra is a liar and he'll say and do what he needs to do to save political face.

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