Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hagel and Bloomberg Eye Each Other for Presidential Run

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel have been conducting regular, private phone conversations over the past few months in an effort to "feel each other out" for a possible presidential run, sources have told the Huffington Post.

It has been widely speculated that the two men could mount a third-party White House ticket. And while the maverick Republican and the independent mayor have met in the past, the private phone calls provide the clearest indication yet that they are considering such a move.
I'm not sure about you but this is certainly a ticket I could support - especially if Chuck Hagel was the Presidential candidate.

Hagel has made it abundantly clear for a very long time that he loaths the Chimp and his policies especially those related to the mismanagement of the Iraqnam debacle. Furthermore, Hagel isn't the least bit afraid to tell it like it is with no end of issues facing the country - watch him on shows like Meet the Press if you don't believe me.

I don't know that much about Bloomberg but he was a Democrat before becoming an independent. His heart is obviously in the right place if not maybe his head as well.

Given the lackluster slate of candidates for both parties (and that is being kind) a Hagel - Bloomberg candidacy might shake things up a bit. If nothing else it would put nn end to the foolishness of a Hillary candidacy. The one drawback is that neither Hagel or Bloomberg are religious enough to suck away votes from the religious fanatics. Still there's 10 months for things to move in many directions.

This might be an interesting one to watch.

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