Sunday, December 9, 2007

How The Democrats Will Lose the Presidency in 2008

National Democrats are upbeat about their chances in Election 2008, citing George W. Bush’s unpopularity and the weirdness of top Republican presidential candidates bogged down in squabbles over who has the right religious outlook or who is the most hostile to illegal immigrants.
Not "why" as the headline states but "how" because we will. And there are many of the reasons why. We the people are sick and tired of listening to hollow promises from a plastic-faced House Speaker and a Senate Majority Leader who looks like he'll bolt at the first dirty word spoken.

We the people elected a Democratic majority last year to do something about the debacle in the White House and the debacle he has created in Iraqnam. They have done neither. All they have done is sugar coat things. Not one Democratic leader is willing to call a spade a spade and demand that Bush be impeached. They are afraid to upset Fox News and the 30 percent of the population that watches Fox News. They are afraid to yank the funding for the war inIraqnam because they are afraid to upset Fox News and the 30 percent of Americans who watch that drivel. They are afraid to take a stand on anything for fear of upsetting Fox News.

How do the Repignofascists continue to win elections all the time? They do what the base wants them to do. The base wants them to eliminate abortion andthat's what they work for. The base wants them to shove religion (their religion) down the throats of the populace and that's what they do. Their base wants them to meddle in the private life of a brain-dead woman and her husband and that's what they do. Their base wants them to peek in your bedroom and see if there are two people of the same gender in bed and that's what they do. Their base wants them to detain and torture people for no good reason in Guantanamo Bay, and that's what they do.

The list of what their base wants is endless and so is the list of things the Repignofascists do to appease them. It might be revolting to liberals but that's immaterial. They win elections by doing what the base says. Democrats on the other hand tell the base to go F itself but not before sending in the next campaign contribution.

Given the lack of leadership of the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader and given the inability of all Presidential candidates but Dennis Kucinich to speak to what the base wants, we deserve to lose in 2008 and we likely will at this rate.

Time to move to Argentina.

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