Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Marine's Obituary

Jefferson J. DeBlanc, a World War II fighter pilot who was awarded the Medal of Honor for shooting down five Japanese planes on a single day while running out of fuel, died Nov. 22 in Lafayette, La. He was 86 and lived St. Martinville, La.
When you read this obituary about this fantastic Marine, pay particular attention to what this man did after his plane was shot down and he bailed out in the ocean. Only a Marine like this guy or my uncle Eldrue or my life long friend Keith would have the guts and stamina to do that. I will be the first to admit that I never had what it took to be a Marine. I can only sit in awe of those who do or did.

It is really sad to realize that soon the "Greatest Generation" as Tom Brokaw called them will all be gone. I visualize a long line of them floating around up into the sky. Some look back at us thinking..."We did what we had to. Don't fuck it up, you knuckleheads."

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