Friday, December 7, 2007

Not All is Well in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Protesters angry about the pending demolition of more than 4,000 public housing units stormed a City Council meeting Thursday in a confrontation that ended with a prominent civil rights lawyer being hauled off in handcuffs
What?? How can this be? I could have sworn in early September 2005 that president Chimpy McFlightsuit swore that the US government and others would not back down in their committment to help resurrect the damage wrought on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Yet here we are more than two years later and there are still issues with getting housing for residents?

How can this be?? Chimpy is a compassionate conservative who wants to protect 'merikuns' from danger and evil doers and he'll say whatever needs to be said to buy a vote. How can this happen in Bush's 'Merika?? You dont think Bush lied when he said all those things about Brownie doing a heckuva job and rebuilding Trent Lotts hair piece and home and all those other things do you?


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