Thursday, December 13, 2007

UPS Only Makes Right Turns - Saves Gallons Doing So

Efficiency is everything for United Parcel Service. Save time, space and money, and get there when promised.

Throughout the UPS system, computer-sorted packages marked with special codes race along conveyors to trucks precisely loaded by address and order of delivery. Not satisfied with grocery-store bar code, the company invented its own -- made up of clusters of dots in a circle its employees call "ups" code.
Despite ABC having run this story in April 2007, a friend heard about this on the radio this morning and told me about it.

What an absolutely brilliant idea. Its simple and obviously effective. And if you think about your own driving experiences (On average I put only 20 miles or so on my car each month, but even then I notice what UPS is doing) it makes sense to avoid waiting to turn left when you can keep on keeping on by turning right (just so long as you don't turn right politically).

Someone in the power structure of UPS deserves a Green award from President Al Gore for thinking this one up. I wonder how many other brilliant ideas could be hatched if the person in the White House had the political will to actually want to do something about reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Mind boggling.

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