Friday, December 21, 2007

Blindly Into the Bubble

Economics Professor and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman hammers the miserable, greedy, dirty, filthy scum bag cheating Repignofascists for their ideological opposition to the slightest meaningful and necessary financial regulation that caused the current subprime loan catastrophe.

Millions of hapless Americans are getting their financial anal pores reamed and ripped because greedy Repignofascists think "the market" will fix criminal activity. Sure it will but only after massive damage is done. And it was the Repignofascists who failed to regulate the thieves even AFTER Reagan caused the savings and loan losses for the very same anti-regulatory ideological reasons. The entire Repignofascist Party is fulled with dirty crooks. They want to be able to steal, and they think it's not a problem to steal, if they steal too much, "the market" will make corrections in a pleasant, benign manner only affecting the guilty parties. Reality demonstrates loudly to the contrary, now for the second time.

And where are the Democrats? Good question. As Krugman wonders the same.

Given the role of conservative ideology in the mortgage disaster, it’s puzzling that Democrats haven’t been more aggressive about making the disaster an issue for the 2008 election. They should be: It’s hard to imagine a more graphic demonstration of what’s wrong with their opponents’ economic beliefs.

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