Friday, December 21, 2007

Condi Rice: America Has "No Permanent Enemies"

WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Friday held out the prospect of improved relations with the remaining two members of President Bush's "axis of evil," Iran and North Korea, as long as they meet international demands over their nuclear programs.
A more appropriate introductory sentence for this story would have been, "Defying all forms of logic known to the civilized world, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today claimed that despite seven years of bullying by George Bush and his criminal cohorts, everybody around the world loves the United States."

Excuse me, Condi, but what in hell are you smoking? No permanent enemies? Get out a map and look for Cuba. See it? Have you ever heard of Yemen? How about Iran? How about Iraq, the country we are supposed to be turning into a viable democracy (at the cost of nearly 4,000 American lives). Have you talked to the Jamaicans or the residents of the Cayman Islands? Have you sat in a country pub in Queensland, Australia and talked about geopolitics? If you had, Condi you would find that the entire world is now our enemy. Everyone including Barbados now cannot stand the United States.

Condi, do you remember when Bush went to Sweden in 2001 and was mooned by 10,000 Swedes? Do you think they did that because they love him? Why is it that whenever the Chimp goes anywhere tens of thousands of people pour into the streets to protest the fact that he's not only there but that he's still breathing?

In early 2006 I traveled to the United Arab Emirates and Oman for a week. My first full day in the UAE I stopped in a convenience store to get some water. It was akin to a 7-11 here. There were four Emirati men present and they each heard me speak English. Because I had no obvious British accent I was asked if I was Canadian. When I said "no, I'm American" a hush fell over the store. Every eye was on me when I added "...and I hate George Bush." A sigh fell over the four men and one of them immediately put his arm around my neck and said "In that case, my friend, have some Arabic coffee with us. It's a tradition."

You are right about one thing, Condi. Despite the entire world hating us its not permanent. In 396 days, just like those Arabic men in that store in Dubai, the world is going to sigh a collective sigh of relief as the Dictator leaves office and is replaced by a human being. Then we will no longer be hated and we won't have a contingent of permanent enemies.

Now, Condi, go back to smoking whatever it is that gives such a rose-colored view of the world.

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