Friday, December 7, 2007

The Bushies Are Out of Their Minds!!

MANAMA, Bahrain - Defense Secretary Robert Gates planned to tell Gulf countries Saturday they must work together to help the U.S. counter Iranian threats, including Tehran's ballistic missiles and meddling in Iraq.
J H CHrist....its bad enough bush had to illegally invade a sovereign nation based on cooked evidence. Now that they have public evidence that there is no threat these mindless assholes continue to portray Iran as being a threat.

Now Gates is trying to get the Gulf States to be tough on the non-threat posed by Iran.

The only threat to peace and stability in the world is George Bush and the neocon whack jobs who keep yelling that the sky is falling when there is nothing to fall. How soon until these meatheads are gone?? Tomorrow isn't soon enough.

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