Friday, December 7, 2007

Gore Takes Public Transportation to Nobel Awards

Former Vice President Al Gore, wife Tipper arrived in Oslo today for Al to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for his work publicizing the dangers of global warming.

True to message, Gore avoided the gas-guzzling motorcade that traditionally picks up winners from the airport. Instead, he opted for a the environmentally-friendly airport train.
Not only does this move by President Gore make environmental sense, it also makes economic sense. A year ago in Bergen Norway, I took the bus from the airport downtown for about $8.00 US for a 15 minute ride. A couple days later, while at a hotel just 1.6 kilometers (thats one mile) from the Bergen Airport I rode in a cab for the astronomical price of $22.00 US ...for one MILE!! It is stupendously expensive in Norway but thats fine. They can also afford free medical care for all of their citizens no matter how much or how little they make in salary each year.

Too bad we can't say the same thing in America - the alleged "richest" country on earth.

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