Thursday, December 20, 2007

GOP - Great Obstructionist Party

On Tuesday, December 18, 2007, conservatives in the U.S. Senate set a modern-day record for obstruction. They forced the 62nd cloture vote to move beyond a filibuster. The previous record was 61 cloture votes, reached during the 107th Congress in 2002. The conservatives of 2007 surpassed that mark, in only the first session of the 110th.
This is refreshing. Out of the majority the Repignofascist minority sets out to hold back the will of the majority and succeeds. And they do so because the spineless Democrats in the Senate are afraid of them.

Its disgusting how when the Democrats were in the minority we just sat there with our butt cheeks spread waiting for the Repignofascists to have their way with us because we didn't want to be viewed as obstructionist. Now that we are the supposed majority our butt cheeks remain spread, this time so Fox News doesn't get upset with us.

And who really gets screwed in the long run?

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