Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Are you still looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for the difficult-to-buy-for flaming liberal friends on your Christmas list? If so I can't think of a more appropriate gift than this bumper sticker that you can purchase here.

I just ordered three of them. One will go on my car. The second will be sent to a local country station that participated in the hate-filled Chicks boycott back in 2003 after Natalie told the truth about the Chimp. The third will be placed on the bumper of a Neanderthal I know who has a "I Think Therefore I Vote Republican" bumper sticker on his car. In fact, I think I'll put the Chicks sticker over the top of the offensive sticker he now displays.

If you live in the south I encourage you to purchase several of these stickers for all of your vehicles and then go park in the parking lot of a local country station and don't move your vehicle for a week.

So, order several and display them proudly. I really can't imagine any Repignofascist getting upset with this bumper sticker because it has the words "God bless" on it.

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