Monday, December 17, 2007

Senator Joe Lieberman (Repignofascist - Israel) Endorses John McCain

HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. - Sen. John McCain, trying to keep momentum in this state's critical Republican primary race, brought in something unusual on Monday — an endorsement from the other party's former vice presidential nominee.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Democrat Al Gore's running mate in 2000, said he had intended to wait until after the primaries to make a choice for the 2008 presidential race. But McCain asked for his support and no Democrat did.
During the 2006 Senatorial campaign in Connecticut, Whining Joe Lieberman assurred Constitution State Democrats that despite his loss in the Democratic Primary he (Joe) was still a Democrat. The spineless Democratic leadership of the Senate believed his lies and after he beat Ned Lamont, Whining Joe, the Senator from Tel Aviv, was named Chair of the Homeland Surveillance committee in the Senate.

Since taking over that Committee chairmanship, Whining Joe has done nothing but poked his pathetic finger in the eyes of the Democratic Party - a party that is too gutless to strip him of his Committee membership for the same reasons they are afraid of Bush (what would Fox News say?).

The Senator from Tel Aviv has now done the ultimate political sin - endorsed someone from the party other than his (allegedly he was a Democrat). For this he will not be tossed out the Committee door or will he be asked to return the campaign funds given him by the Democratic Party in 2006. Nothing will change. Harry Reid might actually give Joe a blowjob just to be a nice guy.

Meanwhile the Senator from Tel Aviv will continue to undermine the will of the American people and continue to kiss the ass of the Repignofascist Party. Is it Joe's plan to endorse McCain (one loser endorsing another) in the hopes that he'll be made the McCain's running mate should the Repignofascists be stupid enough to nominate him? Given his recent past, its my guess thats Joe's plan.

And the Democrats will refuse to do a thing about this traitor.

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