Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From Our Friends at Democracy for America

One week ago, DFA launched a campaign to make sure that the voters decide the Democratic nominee. The response has been incredible.

Tens of thousands of signatures, an ad in USA Today with our friends at MoveOn, and petition deliveries scheduled for next week have grabbed the attention of national media and increased the pressure on super-delegates to do the right thing.

Help us reach 100,000 signatures by Monday. Please sign now:

Our campaign is working. According to a report in the Christian Science Monitor yesterday, this is what Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri said about her role as a super-delegate:

"I'm not comfortable with the idea that we know better. I will vote as a super-delegate for Hillary Clinton, if she ends up with the most pledged delegates."

Sen. McCaskill has endorsed Sen. Obama and he won the primary in her state of Missouri, yet she understands what's at stake in this campaign.

This isn't about changing the rules or even about Senators Clinton or Obama. This is about the will of the voters and who chooses the Democratic nominee.

Super-delegates must exercise their best judgment in the interests of the nation and the Democratic Party. I am confident that super-delegates will make the right decision and ratify the will of tens of millions of Democratic primary voters. I am confident that after hearing our voices, super-delegates will not override the vote and crown a different winner.

Join me in our call to action and make sure super-delegates hear it from you.

Please sign the petition right now, then pass it on to five friends and ask them to join you. Working together, we'll make sure that super-delegates do the right thing.

Thank you for everything you do,


Jim Dean

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