Saturday, February 23, 2008

South Florida Gas Prices at All-Time High

Gas prices in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral survey area spiked nearly 8 cents a gallon in two days, tying a local record high.

The increase was in response to OPEC speculation about decreasing crude-oil production and a massive refinery fire in Texas on Tuesday, according to Greg Laskoski, Tampa-based AAA spokesman.

Here's another reason that a hybrid bicycle is going to be the first thing I buy a week from today when I get to south Florida on a permanent basis!

This quote is so quintessentially American:

Sheila Scott of Fort Myers said she and her husband plan on just taking their lumps as prices continue to drive higher.“You have to buy gas — there’s just no way around it,” she said. “For us, though, we budget for it, so we’re handling it fine.”
Ah, Sheila, there is a way around it. 1) Public transportation if it exists. 2) Selling your unnecessary SUV (come on Sheila - how much snow is there in south Florida in a given year?) and buying a Honda or Toyota that gets 40 some miles per gallon, 3) Walking or riding a bike more than using a car or 4) and heaven forbid, not making 18 trips a day to the mall.

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