Friday, February 22, 2008

Super Delegates Shifting to Obama

WASHINGTON - The Democratic super delegates are starting to follow the voters — straight to Barack Obama.
This is such sweet news. In the Repignofascist Party we have people bolting from the Bush cabal like rats off a sinking ship. On our side of the aisle we have super delegates listening to the will of the people and shifting their support from Billary to Barack.

Whats really ironic about this stage of the race is that if Obama had lost 11 straight primaries just like Hillary has, the party would be putting pressure on Barack to hang it up for the good of the party. Instead we are now faced with Hillary's pugnacious "me, me, me" mentality as the bitch refuses to accept reality and quit - for the good of party unity if nothing else.

Perhaps after she is trounced in Texas and Ohio on March 4 and Pennsylvania after that she'll get the hint that it was over long ago. Maybe not. Regardless, just like the paradigm shift the super delegates have experienced its time for all of us to get behind Obama and help him defeat John McBush and the rest of the party of family values....and to do it convincingly.

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