Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's Forehead Slapper from John McBush

Check this out. The Senate voted 51 - 45 today to ban waterboarding.

The forehead slapper? Remember all the huffing and puffing "straight talk" McBsuh has done over torture, and specifically his principled stand against waterboarding? Well, the big Hero, Senator Consistency, Senator Straight Talk Himself, voted NO, voted to ALLOW waterboarding!

Yep. But, hey, that's not pandering, is it? That's not being a hypocrite, is it? And, it's certainly not being a dirty lying repignofascist, is it? Why, NO, of course not!!! I didn't think so!

And, by the way, where were our fine Democratic presidential candidates? Well, this vote, as with yesterday's FISA vote, won by the Fascists, was just not important enough for them, Clinton and Obama, to make it back to the Senate for a vote. At least, Senator Straight Talk managed to make it back. Gotta give him that much. He's a lying sack of shit, but he made it back to vote.

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