Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Tragic Victim of George Bush's America

The following was lifted, verbatim, from Democratic Underground. Its worth it to post it here even if its a copyright violation. The author, being a democrat, probably doesn't care as long as the message gets out. Wake up, sheeple.

I was on duty in ER tonight and a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head came into trauma. He's brain dead but on life support as he was an organ donor, so while one life has ended today there will be several people getting phone calls tonight and tomorrow whose lives will daramatically change for the better when they are told there is transplant match for them.

My blood went cold when I heard the patient's sister relating to one of the social workers what likely prompted this otherwise healthy, middle-aged man to take a gun to his own head. From what I could gather, this is what this man had been through in the last 2.5 years:

He lost his job at a manufacturing plant and still had not been able to find a decent, permanent job.

He and his wife had racked up somewhere around $50,000 in medical bills they couldn't pay due to the fact that they couldn't afford health insurance since his job loss.

It sounds like the bank was ready to forclose on their home, and one car had been repossesed already.

Their son suffered a debilitating closed-head injury in Iraq sometime last year and is confined to a long care term facility.

Now, you can say this guy had horrible luck or that it was fate. But I look at what this man was facing and it doesn't take a whole lot of time to connect the dots: this man was a victim of George Bush's Republican America. This is the America that the Republicans have created. One has to wonder how many more people are out there who have taken their own lives or who will take their own lives because they can't keep afloat physically, emotionally, mentally or financially in the America that George Bush's Republican party has created.

The Republican agenda is sucking the life right out of this country. If anyone dares ask me why I'm voting Democrat, why I've always voted Democrat, and why I'll always vote Democrat, I'm going to tell them about this man.

May his tortured soul rest in peace.
Heckuva job, Dubya.

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