Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No Wonder Democrats Are Energized

A recent Washington Post poll revealed these delicious facts regarding which party the American public trusts on important issues:

* The economy: Dems led Republicans, 52% to 33%

* Immigration: Dems led Republicans, 40% to 37%

* Iraq: Dems led Republicans, 48% to 34%

* The budget deficit: Dems led Republicans, 52% to 31%

* Taxes: Dems led Republicans, 48% to 40%

* The U.S. campaign against terrorism: Dems led Republicans, 44% to 37%

* Health care: Dems led Republicans, 56% to 29%

First, these aren’t cherry-picked to make Dems look good; these were all of the issues polled. Republicans trailed in every category.

Second, in almost every instance, matters are getting worse for the GOP, not better. Especially on the question regarding terrorism, this was the worst Republicans have done on the issue since the WaPo began polling on the question after 9/11. Given that this is supposed to be the party’s signature issue, it’s not at all a good sign.

Check out this link for Glen Greenwald's take on it.

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