Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Suggestion For Barack's Running Mate

I just sent the following message to Barack Obama through his campaign website. You can do the same.
Dear President Obama,

I cast my first vote in 1972. It was a straight Democratic ticket. I have never missed a vote since 1972 (even a primary) and I have never voted outside of the Democratic column - even if it was a race for dog catcher. The democrats always get my vote.

With that as background and introduction I want you to know that I plan to do whatever is legally necessary to help you beat John McBush in November. You were not my first choice for a candidate - Al Gore was. But Al didn't get in the fray so we have the next best thing and I'm glad that it is you.

Once all of the dust is settled it will be time for you to select a running mate. Despite you having a ton of great political strategists on your staff, I want to contribute my 3 cents worth toward whom you select.

Given your background and your lack of military experience, Senator McBush is going to come at you like gangbusters and the Repignofascist noise machine will claim time and again that you don't have the experience to be the President (as if George Bush ever did?). To counter that inevitability I want to suggest that you consider two potential running mates.

First I would like you to consider Wes Clark. He was a general in the army, head of NATO. has more medals than Bush has distance around his chest and is a great man. He has tons of military experience and, given his role as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO he has a bunch of foreign policy experience. Add to that his ability to go on the Faux "News" network regularly to spar with those idiots without losing his lunch, and we have a real winner for a VP choice.

My other suggestion, and in fact my preferred alternative, is Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. Although Senator Webb has only been in office a little over a year he has a ton of credentials that would make him a perfect balance for you. First he was Secretary of the Navy. I'm sure the Swift Boaters will come out and attack him on that but screw them. A sub cabinet level position in the military is a huge feather in his cap. Related to his military experience (a Nam vet like McCain and Wes Clark) Jim Webb has considerable experience in things related to foreign policy. Lastly and most importantly, when it gets down to issues, Jim Webb is like a pit bull backed into a corner. During the 2000 campaign, Bush said, related to the economy that he was "a pit bull on the pant leg of opportunity." If the Repignofascist party wants to deal with an eloquent pit bull, give them Jim Webb to deal with.

Although Jim is from Virginia, his movement up the ranks to Vice President with you would not harm the party's standing in the Senate. Governor Kaine is a Democrat so he will be able to choose who replaces Jim when he moves with you to the White House. Mark Warner is going to replace John Warner this November so Virginia will still have two Democrats as Senator even with Jim as VP (ever thought you would live long enough to see Virginia turn blue? I didn't).

Anyway, I wanted to pass on these thoughts to you. I am sure you are getting lots of advice and doubt that my thoughts will matter but I had to tell you what I thought on the off chance someone there hasn't already thought of this.

I plan on busting my ass this fall campaigning for you. I'll be moving from suburban Virginia to Florida on March 1 so you have one more vote there. I'll be living in a heavily Repignofascist District (Connie Mack will be my Congressman) but I promise that I will do whatever is legal to help you take Florida this November. I plan on pissing off as many Collier County Repignofascists as humanly possible while I campaign for you. I think putting Jim Webb on the ticket with you will help make that happen, times 50 states.

Whatever you do, don't lose your passion. We need you and your passion. We are tired of old ideas.

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