Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Its Clear The President Ordered a Federal Crime

But nobody will put him in jail or will they even consider impeaching him. I cant wait until this asswipe is out of office so the world court can have a few swings at him.

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IMS said...


Even if all their aims achieve
This chummy crew, I vow
To hold fast to what I believe,
Truth not to disallow:

For I assert, though all the war,
Abridgements all domestic,
Accomplish happiness galore,
One nation´s rule majestic,

Though even all of this occur
(And who were I to stop it?)
Legitimacy let confer
No words I write, to prop it.

The chummy crew, self-satisfied
Masks its contempt with smirks,
But time will not true-feelings hide:
The world will see them jerks.

We must have but the fortitude
To last a while longer,
For theirs was but an ugly brood,
No Nadia Boulanger

Could make them harmonize with truth,
Their greed so dominates them,
The architects of famine, drouth
No wonder heaven hates them.

The music of celestial spheres
If there be deeper meaning
In human action, but inheres
Away from falsehood´s preening.

They make themselves appear so suave,
Taking great care to do it,
But as devoid of human love
True hearts can see right through it.

But the dishonest as are kept
Within a fabrication
Borne of ideals corrupt, have leapt
Not to the devastation

Of knowing they have done great wrong
And bear the guilty stain
On hands and souls; so they belong
In league with corpses slain.