Friday, November 30, 2007

Gitmo Al's Not-So-Free Speech

Neil Patel, president of the undergraduate student association at Washington University in Saint Louis, wanted to invite to campus a "speaker who would incite a lot of discussion, and probably bring a lot of dissent." So when the Greater Talent Network came pitching its new client, Alberto R. Gonzales, Patel bit -- even though the price for a speech was $35,000.

Thirty-five grand might not seem a lot to hear a former attorney general of the United States candidly discuss his role in a scandal that brought shame to the Justice Department and a sweeping investigation that continues even now that he's gone. But it's an awfully steep sum to hear an inept former politician talk about his few self-described successes.
I wouldn't pay 35 cents to listen to this lying waste of protoplasm. But a university has $35,000 to lay on him? That seems to fly in the face of the concept of "higher" education.

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