Friday, November 30, 2007

Citing Statistics, Rudy Lies Again

In almost every appearance as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, Rudolph W. Giuliani cites a fusillade of statistics and facts to make his arguments about his successes in running New York City and the merits of his views.

Discussing his crime-fighting success as mayor, Mr. Giuliani told a television interviewer that New York was “the only city in America that has reduced crime every single year since 1994.” In New Hampshire this week, he told a public forum that when he became mayor in 1994, New York “had been averaging like 1,800, 1,900 murders for almost 30 years.” When a recent Republican debate turned to the question of fiscal responsibility, he boasted that “under me, spending went down by 7 percent.”

All of these statements are incomplete, exaggerated or just plain wrong. And while, to be sure, all candidates use misleading statistics from time to time, Mr. Giuliani has made statistics a central part of his candidacy as he campaigns on his record.
The way Rudy lies you'd think he was a part of the Bush Administration or something.

Compared to 2004, there is one thing about the 2008 Repignofascist race that so far baffles the hell out of me. Remember in 2004 how the Repignofascist noise machine made a big freaking deal out of the fact that John Edwards was an attorney? Rudy is one also. He was a US Attorney in New York City. Why did the Repignofascists come unglued over John being an attorney, but nobody says squat about this jackal being one?

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