Friday, January 4, 2008

Britney Spears Loses Custody

LOS ANGELES - A court commissioner gave sole physical and legal custody of Britney Spears' two little boys Friday to ex-husband Kevin Federline and suspended the troubled pop star's visitation rights.

Spears was hauled away from her home to a hospital by paramedics a day before, after police had to intervene when she refused to return the children to Federline after a court-monitored visit.
This is fantastic news and a powerful message for malicious moms everywhere. However there are two parts of the story that are disturbing.

First is the statement that Britney Spears lost custody of "Spears' two little boys"... Ah, excuse me. I think how it works is that unless some cosmic diety that nobody has ever seen comes by and immaculately screwed Spears there was a father involved so the kids are not "Spears'" but Spears and Federline's. As I recall those heady days when the justice system saw fit to make me a wallet and no longer a father, it had to be established in court papers that I was the father. Hence the two children from my marriage were established to be hers and mine (at least for child support purposes). The same should have been done in Spears' case legally establshing that the kids are "theirs" not hers.

The second thing that disturbs me is this statement:
Spears wasn't arrested in connection with the custody dispute, Aguirre said.

"There was no actual crime that was involved," the police spokeswoman said.
Do you think for a second that if the table had been turned and Federline had refused to give custody back to Spears that the cops wouldn't have gone out of their god-damned way to find a crime to charge him with? Tresspassing if nothing else? After all there is a father involved here and the entire world knows what a bunch of malingering bastards we are. Remember that we are 'deadbeat dads' and therefore always the criminal. We're the criminal, the wrongdoer even when its apparent that the malicious mom is at fault. I'll bet there are a few sets of ears being pinned back at the local police station when they find out that the cops didn't find some reason to arrest Federline - for the sport of it if nothing else.

Fathers dont have to do 1/10th the crap that Britney does to lose visitation and parental rights (but not child support responsibilities). Its never a question. The fact that they are still giving Spears another chance to fuck up is indicative of how screwed up our "justice" system really is.

Personally I hope she loses even joint custody. She is given visitation at Federline's discretion (that sounds familiar) and she's made to pay 50 percent of her gross earnings per month in child support. And when she doesn't pay she is put in the slammer. Let her find out how much fun it is to be just a wallet and no longer a parent after a divorce.

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