Friday, January 4, 2008

Ever Wonder How Stupid Rudy Is? Read This.

In an event in New Hampshire last night, Rudy Giuliani suggested that -- if he were to be elected president -- he would like to choose someone like Dick Cheney to be his Vice President. The AP reports:

Would a Rudy Giuliani administration be populated with a Cabinet of Republican rivals and a powerful, all-knowing vice president like Dick Cheney? Possibly, according to musings Giuliani shared in answers to questions from New Hampshire voters yesterday in Hooksett.
Smart move, Rudy. And if you are the Repignofascist nominee, I hope you follow your logic to its logical conclusion and select Dick Cheney as your running mate.

Rudy, while you've been running around as the candidate for 9/11, you may not have noticed that Dick Cheney has an approval ratiing slightly lower than syphillis. With that much public support, it makes perfect sense for you to select him as your VP. In fact, I beg you to select him as your VP.

Luckily for our side, your side still has not realized that the American public is sick and tired of the corrupt Bush-Cheney government. The last thing we want is some puppeteer propping you up and pulling your strings making you say what Dick wants said. Eight years of that horse hockey is enough Rudy.

If I was you, Rudy, I'd get one of your aides to find another concubine for you to slip off to the Hamptons with (this time at your campaign's expense, not the City of New York's) where you can sip some Jack Daniels, soak in the jacuzzi, and maybe reinvigorate yourself. Putting Deadeye Dick Cheney on your ticket with you is not the way to gain friends and influence others. Wait. What am I saying? Please Rudy, PLEASE put Deadeye Dick on the ticket with you. Please? If you do we can guarantee that if the Democrats nominated Daffy Duck as our candidate, he would win the Presidency in November. Please do it, Rudy.

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jd said...

I hope he does ask THE DICK to be Veep! He can instantly retire in Paraguay