Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chimpy and His Middle East Legacy

Almost exactly a year before George W Bush hands over the reins of power in Washington DC to whomever his successor turns out to be, he is embarking on his first trip as president to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The question though has to be, why only now?
The answer to "why only now" is a simple one. Just like everything else in Bush's charmed life he's had people swoop in and fix his mistakes for him. However in his "presidency" he has so thoroughly screwed up everything that only the most fervently loyal Bushies want to help.

Bush has been a complete disaster when it comes to the Middle East. Most recently his administration brokered a deal with Palestine and Israel only to have it fall apart a couple days after the Annapolis summit when Israel objected to what it had once agreed, and the United States dutifully bent over and gave Israel what it wanted.

Historians will write volumes in the future about what an abysmal mistake Bush made in illegally invading and occupying Iraq. It will no doubt go down in history as his single greatest mistake (followed closely by Katrina and a few other doozies). Yet through much of his residency in the White House the Chimp has talked about all the good things that he was going to do in the Middle East.

I'm sure the leaders of the Middle East are sitting there drinking coffee right now in advance of Bush's arrival and thinking to themselves "the best this moron could do for the Middle East is go somewhere else."

Yes. Preferably on a one-way ticket.

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