Friday, January 11, 2008

New Jersey Makes Some Progress in Controlling Guns

Trenton: Yesterday’s close of New Jersey’s biennial legislative ‘lame duck’ session was notable for passage in both houses of four major gun bills – requiring owners to report lost or stolen guns, stiffening penalties for illegal handgun possession, creating criminal penalties for trafficking firearms into New Jersey from another state and requiring proof of passage of a state firearms background check to purchase handgun ammunition.
This is great news and a step in the right direction.

As a former hunter and gun owner I remain amazed that you are required to pass a test and possess a license to drive a car but almost anyone for any reason can obtain, possess, and own a gun.

Several years ago former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (Repignofascist) supported legislation that would have allowed junior high school and high school aged kids to carry and possess a firearm on school property! I guess the idea was to shoot old books or something? Luckily the bill died.

At the same time there was a huge debate over another bill (that passed) allowing Virginians to carry a concealed weapon. I distinctly remember a news reporter for Channel 4 interviewing a farmer in the Shenandoah River Valley who said he wanted to carry a concealed weapon so he could "shoot downed cows." WTF?? You need to sneak up on an injured cow and not let it know you have a gun? Pure unadultered bullshit.

At least the legislature of New Jersey is forward thinking enough to make some baby steps toward controlling a bit of the traffic of guns in their state (and why other than to shoot someone would you need a gun in Jersey?). I'm guessing the National Rifle Association is already collecting thousands of dollars to put into the campaigns of whomever the Repignofascist will be who runs against John Corzine in the next election.

Good on ya, New Jersey.

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MrB398 said...

At least some progress is being make. A background check isn't 100% accurate though.