Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Granite State is Turning Blue

Exeter, N.H. - The Republican Party in New England's only "red state" may be going the way of the Old Man of the Mountain, the craggy icon of independence that crumbled a few years back in a rock slide.

In the last election, Democrats took both seats in Congress for the first time in nearly a century and both houses of the legislature for the first time since 1874. Democratic Gov. John Lynch won a second term with a record 74 percent of the vote, and lawmakers recently authorized same-sex civil unions and a smoking ban in bars and restaurants.
This is super encouraging news. And as more and more people come to the realization that the Repignofascist Party is massively disconnected from the reality of the rest of the county, other "red" states are going to follow in New Hampshire's footsteps. We will know its a complete switch when Alabama, Oklahoma and Nebraska are voting Blue. That may never happen but its always nice to dream.

One thing I think is helping move the Repignofascist Party to the obscure column is the issue of religion. For 30 or more years, since Nixon implemented the "Southern Strategy" the Repignofascists have catered to and cajoled the religious fanatics of the county. The mainstream Repignofascists could care less about the 'god' squad but they'd use them to get votes.

Now with the surge of interest in Mike Huckleberry the mainstream Repignofascists are worried sick. I'll bet one of the most commonly asked questions at a Repignofascist National Committee meeting is "omg, what are we going to do if the god squad wins?" The evangelicals aren't on the side of big business. They are on the side of their 'god' and could care less about Wall Street and CEO compensation. Still the mainstream Repignofascists have to deal with this mini-monster they created. Good for them. You sleep in the bed you make. And it's my sincere hope that when they crawl out of bed the day after election day 2008, the Repignofascist Party is on the way to a permanent minority status. They brought it on themselves.

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