Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bush: "I'm Sure People View Me As A War Monger"

In Riyadh today, the president danced a traditional sword dance with one of the princes of the royal familyIt was a public -- and a little awkward -- display of affection, all part of Bush's first visit to Saudi Arabia aimed at repairing strained relations between the world's biggest oil producer and the world' s biggest oil consumer. The president sat down with "Nightline" co-anchor Terry Moran at one of the vast royal palaces, and it became clear who holds the cards right now in the oil markets, with the price up near $100 a barrel.. ..."I have talked to these leaders face to face," he said"I have asked them point blank, 'Do you understand how difficult these issues are?'
Ah, excuse me, Dubya, but people view you as a war monger because you ARE a war monger. You're also a pathetic waste of protoplasm but not too many people know that big word (you don't either, I'm sure). However as you prepare for the last very long 365 days of your occupancy of the White House remember that you are the fool who started an illegal war in Iraq. You are the fool who boasted about "bring em on." You are the fool who has been too bullheaded and beligerent to withdraw troops from your failure in the Middle East. You are the fool who has demonized anyone and everyone who has cast a shadow on the wisdom of your illegal occupation of Iraqnam.

Yes Dubya. Everyone with a scintilla of intelligence views you as a war monger because that is exactly what you are.

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