Wednesday, January 23, 2008

California Argues That Bush Sonar Order Unconstitutional

A California court case filed by the state's Coastal Commission that began yesterday is arguing that President Bush violated the Constitution's separation-of-powers doctrine last week when he signed an exemption for the Navy allowing it to violate provisions of the Coastal Zone Management Act and the National Environmental Policy Act to test sonar in anti-submarine training off the California coast.

"The notion that the president can act like some medieval autocrat and impose the law as he sees it violates the fundamental basis of the American Constitution," California Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) said. "There are three branches of government. Each of the branches has to be respected."
This is just one more in an incredibly long line of incidents involving the Chimp overstepping his role and his authorities because he thinks he answers to "god". California might as well just get in line with their lawsuit against the loyal Bushies.

And remember, of course, that Nancy Pelosi, whose home state brought this justified lawsuit, has determined (against the same Constitution that Bush blows off) that impeachment is "off the table."

Only 363 days of this abomination left.

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