Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Wonder How This Happened?

The United States's 3.5 million Arab-Americans represent a tiny sliver of the US electorate, but they could still affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

The diverse Arab-Americans community is concentrated in some of the country's most evenly divided states, including Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

And it is the Democrats who have the most to gain as traditionally Republican Arab-American voters, disillusioned by the Bush administration's policies, have begun leaning towards their party.
Now how do you suppose this happened?

If you have ever traveled to Arab nations (I've been to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Oman - tired and failed to get into Saudi Arabia) or if you have had the opportunity to spend time with Arabs, you know from experience that they are fiercely conservative in their outlook and belief. However, unlike the pseudo-conservatives we have in the Repignofascist Party, Arabs are actually conservative.

To have the sort of outpouring mentioned in this story bodes well for this November. The loyal Repignofascists have done everything possible to disenfranchise Hispanics by building that hideous and ineffective wall. The Repignofascists continue to use blacks as a prop at photo-ops and the rest of the time don't pay any attention at all (ever head of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?). Now the Repignofascists have not only illegally invaded and illegally occupied a sovereign nation that never did a thing to the United States but we continue to occupy that nation solely to get the oil. That, and their continued ass-kissing of the Terrorist State of Israel has given the Arabs more than enough reason to want to shed their conservative skin and hang out with the Democrats.

Whats really ironic is that the Repignofascists, in their fervor to fire up the redneck christian base (who would vote for Repignofascists no matter what) have alienated a huge group of people (Arabs and Hispanics) who they need to swing elections their way.

Heckuva job, Repignofascists. Keep it up.

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