Saturday, January 5, 2008

Secret Service Has to Restrain Bill O'Lielly

NASHUA, N.H.-- Fox News host Bill O'Reilly got into a confrontation with an Obama aide after O'Reilly started screaming at him as he tried to get Barack Obama's attention following a rally here. O'Reilly eventually did chat briefly with Obama and asked him to be a guest on his show.
The truly sad thing about O'Lielly's behavior is that the Repignofascists who watch him and hang on every word ascribe to that sort of behavior. Consider the bullying of Michael Savage or Ann Coulter. There is a sad, overweight southern redneck mentality among the people who have Fox "News" as their number 1 source of "information." Bill O'Lielly epitomizes that childishness and he will continue to as long as his rednecked fans approve of it. You can bet that when O'Lielly plays the tapes of this incident on his show the worms who love him will rally behind him because Bill will portray it as the "liberal" media trying to hold him back. Personally I wish I had an uncle named Guido from Bayonne who could visit Bill. But that has to remain a fantasy.

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