Saturday, October 27, 2007

FEMA Does "Heckuva Job" on News Conference

WASHINGTON — The White House scolded the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Friday for staging a phony news conference about assistance to victims of wildfires in southern California.

The agency _ much maligned for its sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina over two years ago _ arranged to have FEMA employees play the part of independent reporters Tuesday and ask questions of Vice Adm. Harvey E. Johnson, the agency's deputy director.

The questions were predictably soft and gratuitous.

"I'm very happy with FEMA's response," Johnson said in reply to one query from an agency employee.
Had this happened in the Clinton Administration there would have been immediate calls for the head (literally) of the FEMA Director and someone would have called for Bill to be impeached.

But this happened under George Bush's watch so its par for the course and nothing will happen to anyone. In fact, just watch, the Director of FEMA will likely be given the Medal of Freedom.

The Bushies have made such a mockery of government its pathetic. And its all been facilitated and "reported" by the Fox Opinion Network. No wonder 40 percent of Americans still believe Saddam was involved with 9/11.

Wake up, sheeple.

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