Sunday, October 28, 2007

Virginia Senator Jim Webb Seen As Potential VP Candidate in 08

Just 10 months into his first term in elected office, James Webb found himself on the podium for one of the most coveted speaking slots in Democratic politics.

The freshman senator from Virginia delivered the keynote address to the New Hampshire Democratic Party at its annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner a week ago, a role that in recent years has been played by current and former White House candidates John Edwards and John F. Kerry. Two years ago the speech was delivered by Sen. Evan Bayh (Ind.), who is viewed as a potential vice presidential pick next year.
Christ I hope not!

A year ago Jim Webb was telling us all sorts of lies about how he was going to stand up to the Bush Cabal, how he was going to get us out of Iraq, how he was going to do all sorts of things that we the people wanted of our Senator.

And what has he done since taking office 10 months ago? He's voted to provide funds to keep the war in Iraqnam funded to the exact tune that Bush wants. In 10 months of writing him about substantive issues, he has never once ONCE written back to me, a constituent.

All Jim Webb has done is basked in the glow of this super hero persona that has been generated for him. He's a huge mistake and a huge disappointment. If I knew now what I knew last October when I cast my absentee ballot I would have left blank the box for US Senator from Virginia.

For Vice-President we need someone with integrity. Someone who wont bend over for the will of the party. Someone who has some guts. Jim Webb may have had them when he was ducking bullets in Nam (and I'm starting to wonder if he really did fight in Nam or was he in some reah aechelon cushy job). He is not a Senator and he's sure as hell not a Vice President.

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