Saturday, October 27, 2007

TSA Wants Us To Get Permission to Fly

Now the Bush administration wants to take away the American people's freedom to travel within their own country by airplane. Not content with an 80,000 "no fly" list, a subset of a 500,000-750,000 "watch list," the Bush administration's Transport Security Administration has proposed new rules that will require Americans to get government permission 72 hours in advance prior to being allowed to board a domestic flight.

The TSA justifies this extraordinary violation of our constitutional rights on the grounds that 90 to 93 percent of all travel reservations are final by then.
Read here about this latest Orwellian proposal from those sick bastards in the Bush Administration.

And what's really hilarious about this latest invasion of privacy is that most TSA employees are so grossly overweight they couldn't run down a "terrorist" even if they did have law enforcement authority.

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