Saturday, October 27, 2007

Senator Wide-Stance Argues Foot Tapping is Constitutionally Protected

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig will argue before an appeals court that Minnesota's disorderly conduct law is unconstitutional as it applies to his conviction in a bathroom sex sting, according to a new court filing.
Senator Wide-Stance just doesn't seem to want to let it drop.

Its interesting that the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a brief on his side in this issue. That means to me that there must be some merit to his argument or the ACLU wouldn't have stepped in. Its also ironic as hell. I would imagine all the Repignofascists are sitting in horror that a "liberal" group like the ACLU would take on their issue with them.

I encourage Wide-stance to keep pushing this issue. The longer he does the less likely it is to go away and that can only bode well for the Democrat running for his seat next year. Keep it up Wide-stance!

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